A round table was held on the topic: “We are for a healthy lifestyle!”

The event dedicated to the World AIDS Day, prevention of measles, tuberculosis, prevention of drug addiction, tobacco smoking, promotion of healthy lifestyle, prevention of COVID-19, tuberculosis, organized by the Department of “Foreign Languages” in an online format with the participation of more than 80 students”.

Students presented their presentation and video works on the round table in English, shared their knowledge and opinions while answering questions from the audience and other participants of the event. The participants of the round table also shared ways to prevent diseases that have become the scourge of modernity.

The objectives of this event were: formation of students’ desire for a healthy lifestyle, skills of independent analysis and evaluation of the proposed information; updating and development of students’ knowledge about health and a healthy lifestyle; education of an active lifestyle, responsible attitude to their health.

This educational event is designed to form a healthy lifestyle, highly functional behavioral strategies and personal resources that prevent self-destructive behavior in 1st year students, and is aimed at developing sustainable motivation to comply with the rules of personal and public hygiene and sanitation, rational organization of the daily routine, nutrition, physical education, sports.

A healthy lifestyle is not just a special diet or sporting activities. It is a complex of measures aimed at improving health and preventing pathological processes in the body. Observance of the rules of healthy lifestyle can significantly increase life expectancy and improve its quality. Health is the first and most important human need, which determines one’s ability to work and ensures the harmonious development of one’s personality