Рoetry hour

The programmatic article of President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness” is an important document based on thoughtful ideas, bold decisions, reflecting a vivid example of the country’s development and concrete steps. The article says that “Our national traditions, language and music, literature, traditions, in a word, our national spirit must remain forever,” and it is the duty of each of us to contribute to the fulfillment of these tasks.

As part of the implementation of the Rukhani Zhangyru program, on October 24, 2021, a poetic hour was held at the Department of Higher Mathematics dedicated to the great poets of the Kazakh people – Kasym Amanzholov and Mukagali Makatayev, and the great Kazakh educator Ybray Altynsarin. The main goal of the event: to acquaint students with the creativity and merits of outstanding people who have left an indelible mark on the history of the nation. This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the 180th anniversary of the great teacher Ybray Altynsarin, the 110th anniversary of the Kazakh poet Kasym Amanzholov and the 90th anniversary of the symbol of Kazakh poetry “Poet of the Century” – Mukagali Makatayev.

The event was organized and conducted in an online format based on the TEAMS platform by senior curator Zh.M. Tuleutaуeva. First-year students took an active part in the expressive poetry reading competition. All participants approached this competition very responsibly and managed to deeply influence the audience. When you listen to a good reader, as if you see everything he is talking about, you understand in a new way, it would seem, already familiar works, imbued with the mood of the performer. Many showed resourcefulness and creativity, accompanying the slides not only with their oral presentations and clarifications, but also with short videos, as well as interesting poems, statements of great people. The organized event achieved its goal, and both the participants and the audience enjoyed it immensely.

Diplomas for the best reading were awarded to: Motosov Denis-student gr. AiU-21-2, head: Kazhikenova S.Sh., (nomination «Мен туған елімді сүйемін»), Kenzhin Zhanay – student of group OPI-21-1, supervisor: Akhmetov K.M., (nomination «Жастар тәуелсіздікті жырлайды»), Magadieva Anel – student of group E-21-2, supervisor: Zhurov V.V., (nomination «Ұлы ақын Абай өлеңін ағылшын тілінде мәнерлеп оқу»),  Tusheva Sofia – student of gr. SIB-21-5, head: Abaeva N.F., (nomination «Жастар тәуелсіздікті жырлайды»), Nurkhan Ilyasov – student gr. GD-21-1, head: Shaikhova G.S., (nomination «Ұлт ұстазы-Ыбырай Алтынсарин») Bekbolat Almasbek – student gr. PSK-21-1, head: Kasymova L.Zh., (nomination «Дауылпаз ақын-Қасым Аманжолов»), Eremkin Evgeniy- OP-21-2, head: Zh.M. Tuleutaуeva, (nomination «Абай-дара, Абай-дана қазақта»), Minuarov Aziz-ND-21-2, head: Mustafina L.M. (nomination «Мақтан етем туған жерімді».)