Parent-teacher meeting. Report on the work done for 1 semester.

On February 22, according to the schedule, the parents ‘ meeting was held in KIT.

Parents of students from 1-4 courses were invited. On the agenda of the meeting was: report of educational and methodical work.

The purpose of parent meetings: informing parents about the progress and behavior of students, the direction of educational activities, familiarization of parents about the state of social and emotional climate in the group and the solution of current issues and problems.

The meeting was attended by more than 70 parents from different courses, parents heard reports on directions, Director KIT Smagulova N. A called on parents to work together, to assist and support in the education of students, to monitor attendance and academic performance.

At the end of the meeting Director kit Smagulova N. And awarded letters of thanks to parents for a decent education of College students.