Right to education. Educated nation.Quality education

01/30/2024  a master class was conducted by the curator of group TE-23-1, senior teacher Brazhanova D.K.  on the topic “Right to education.  An educated nation.  Quality education”.  The purpose of the curator’s hour: to familiarize students with the rights and opportunities for obtaining education, the national project “Bіlimdi Ult”.  An in-depth study of the patterns of obtaining quality education and education in the country.

During the master class, the students of the group participated with great pleasure and demonstrated their preparation.  The national project “Bilimdi Ult” was presented not only with presentations, reports, but also with video presentations.  Fragments of the briefing held during this project were shown.  In order to maximize the involvement of students, one of the new methods of conducting classes has been used today – the case study method.  The students were divided into groups and searched, debated and debated the most on four given problems.  They openly expressed their point of view and showed the best ways to solve the problem.

At the end of the lesson, our country’s plans for the future were discussed. The master class was held at a high level.


  1. Preface by the curator (short report on the topic);
  2. Teacher of the nation-Akhmet Baitursynuly (video report, presentation);
  3. Familiarization with the Right to education. An educated nation. Quality education project, discussion of tasks and plan (presentation, briefing fragments);
  4. The expected economic effect of the Right to education. An educated nation. Quality education project;
  5. Case study;
  6. Conclusion.

Necessary details and materials: computer, projector, presentations, thematic materials, videos, etc.