Results of the X Games among students on prizes Akim of Karaganda region 27.02-05.03.2016

The first place team of the University og-179.

The second place team KSTU-168 og.

The third place team of KSMU158 og.

The fourth-place team DEs 146 og.

The fifth-place team KAMVD og 113.

The sixth place team ” Bolashak – 112 og.

The seventh place team CCPs -73 og.

The eighth place team Kindu. U-57 og.

KSTU won in three sports:

1) Chess;

2) N / tennis;

3) Togyz kumalak;


1) Checkers;

2) Volleyball husband;

3) Basketball husband;

4) Kazakh kures;

5) Winter-around;

He took third place:

1) N / athletics.