The results of the Internet Olympiad on the subject “Kazakh language” have been summed up at the Abilkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University.

On the basis of Karaganda Technical University named after Abilkas Saginov, a subject Olympiad on the subject of the Kazakh language is held annually among students of grades 10-11 and college students of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Olympiad was held in two rounds. The first round was held in February of this year, 21 students from different regions of the country took part in it. According to the results of the online testing, 17 students entered the second round.

The second round took place in early March. According to the results of the jury’s work, the following places were awarded:

1st place – Bauyrzhankyzy Aiganym

1st place – Sapar Nurila

2nd place – Alpysbai Nurai

2nd place – Zinedenov Nursan

2nd place – Maxim Braunagel

3rd place – Ekaterina Zhukova

3rd place – Khivatdolda Zhansaya

3rd place – Kadyrkhan Alikhan

The tasks of the Internet Olympiad were developed by the teachers of the department Baypelova G.S., Sagatova G.K.

The jury:

Khamzina K.M. – Ph.D., Associate Professor

Baipelova G.S. – senior lecturer

Nygmetova N.T. – Ph.D., Associate Professor

Nurzhanova K.K. – M.P.N., senior lecturer

Sagatova G.K. – M.P.N., senior lecturer

Konurova N.A. – M.P.N., teacher