Research and testing methods

The laboratory is accredited to carry out work on the following test methods

– Method for measuring the intensity of the spectral lines of the components to be determined when the atoms of the sample solution are excited in an inductively coupled plasma according to GOST 33206-2014

– Gas chromatographic method based on the separation of components in gas-adsorption and/or gas-liquid chromatography

– Method of technical analysis using a macrothermo-gravimetric system ST RK ASTM D 7582-2019

The laboratory is accredited to conduct research according to the requirements of the following regulatory documentation for products:

– ST RK 2852-2016 Ore

– ST RK 1666-2007 Natural gas

– ST RK 2244-2012, ST RK 2145-2017, ST RK 1027-2017 Coke, coals and products of their processing