Research laboratory

Physical methods of research and intensification of

technological processes

– Development of an adaptive method of monitoring the status of coal rock mass to prevent the underground man-made accidents;
– Development of a universal technology of building products based on nanotechnology from industrial waste by hyper;
– Thermodynamic, X-ray, electrical studies of compounds formed in the LnMeIMeIIO (Ln – rare earth elements; MeI – alkali and alkaline earth elements, MeII – transition metals;
– The dynamics of the crystal lattice of the complex oxides AVO4 (A – Al, Fe; B – P, As). Study of the mechanism of the phase transition at high temperature simulation of the crystal lattice;
– Development of the theory and creation of volume hydraulic machines and pulsating percussion action;
– The development of laser technology for use educational process;
– Development and investigation of the physical properties of high-temperature superconducting films prepared by laser ablation;
– Simulation of quantum-chemical calculations of oxygen molecules in the excited state;
– Conducting ekspermentalnyh study the radiative properties of ionic crystals.

Laboratory staff:

Jasinski V.B.- associate professor, cand. tech.sci, head labs;
Smirnov Y.M.- professor,, chief researcher;
Kenzhin B.M.- professor,, chief researcher;
Mazhenov N.A.- associate professor, cand. phys.mat.sci, senior researcher;
Salkeeva A.K.- cand. phys.mat.sci, senior researcher;
Tenchurina A.R.- associate professor, cand. chem.sci, senior researcher;
Kusenova A.S.- Ст. преподаватель, cand. chem.sci, senior researcher;
Morozov A.A.- Master of physics, research associate.

Contractual works:

– “Mashzavod №1» on “Development means of implementing an adaptive method of seismic impact on the coal seam”;
– “Mashzavod №1» on the theme “Creating the experimental sample vibration and seismic module for dynamic impact on the coal seam”;
– “Karaganda Engineering Consortium” on “engineering support of production of energy resource units”;
– “Karaganda Engineering Consortium” on the theme “Development of baseline data for energy-efficient buildings” “Passive House”».

According to the research obtained patents for innovative processes

and equipment

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Carried out work formed the basis of textbooks and monographs

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