to construction of test items are available for conversion into a database AIS KSTU

1. Test items (questions and answers) should be in Microsoft Word 2003 by using a macro, located on the site KSTU. This macro can be downloaded here. You need to carefully read this instruction (in the appendix the copy of it or you can read it online at the above link) and download the file with macro and run it. These requirements are made for ISC, but they are suitable for usual testing during the exams.
2. All types of items should be closed (contain 5 possible answers), with the only one true correct answer.
3. If the text of the question or answer mathematical formulas occur, they (formula) should be written entirely using the Formula Editor Microsoft Word 2003 or posted in the form of a solid figure in the text of the response and / or question. Equation Editor Word 2003 is in the Insert→ Object … → Microsoft Equation 3.0.

Appendix 1

Instructions for using the macro

Information for teachers responsible for the preparation of test items.
Macro for the preparation of test items.
Instructions for the preparation of test items in closed form with one right answer.



Computer preparation work:

1. Write on the disc «c:» folder «Tests», copy the file into it «»
2. Launch MS Word menu item “Tools-> Macro-> Security” tab “Security Level” choose “Medium”. Press “OK” and close MS Word
3. Create a folder «Tests» in folder (s) with the name of discipline Phase create test questions:
4. Have to start writing a new set of tests run the file «». If you see a window with the text “Macros may contain viruses …”

Click on “Enable Macros”
5. To add a new question press the “Add Test” on panel “Tests”. If this button / panel is not visible on the screen select menu item “Tool-> Setting” in the dialog box select “Toolbars” from the list of panels put a check “tests.” If a point is missing, check to see if you are running MS Word with «», try closing all open windows of MS Word and go back to step 4.
6. After clicking on the “Add Test” window will appear requesting the serial number indicate the correct answer, enter a number from 1 to 5, then click “OK”. In document will be added subject in which the position of the correct answer corresponds to the previously selected sequence number.


7. In the design of the form that appears:
# # Test # # Number of question and Complexity of question#
# # Q #
Text of the question
# # Q #
# # A + #
Text of Correct answer1
# # A #
# # A-#
Text of Answer2
# # A #
# # A-#
Text of Answer 3
# # A #
# # A-#
Text of Answer4
# # A #
# # A-#
Text of Answer5
# # A #

8. Replace the words: “Number of question” on serial number of question, “Complexity of Question” on number from 1 to 3 (3 – complex, 2 – medium, 1 – simple), “Text of Question” on the text of asked question, “Text of correct answer1″ on text wrong answer, ” Text of Correct Answer1″ on the text of correct answer.
9. To add another test question repeat from step 5
10. After completing the creation of questions, select “File-> Save” and save folder with name of discipline, you have created in the folder «Tests», the file name must match name of the section.