Requirements to the development of the KTU own design diploma

I. Size: А4;

II. The content of the diploma in three languages (Kazakh, Russia, English):

  1. the name of the University;
  2. the surname, name, patronymic of the graduate in full;
  3. the code and name of the educational program (specialty);
  4. the awarded degree (if any);
  5. the date and number of the minutes of the Attestation commission meeting on the award of the degree (if any);
  6. the mode of training;
  7. the signature of the head of the DHPE;
  8. the serial registration number;
  9. the series of the diploma (bachelor – BD, master – MD, certificate for the master’s diploma – CMD);
  10. the date and place (city) of issue;
  11. the University seal;
  12. the name of the accreditation agency for institutional accreditation;
  13. the QR code (at least 3×3 cm in size);

III. The text of the diploma in 3 languages should be placed on one page