Republican meeting of participants of the student club “Sanaly Urpak”

On November 17, 2021, in the Karaganda Technical University, as part of the implementation of clause 1.6 of the comprehensive anti-corruption plan for the 2021-2022 academic year of the “Sanaly urpak” project on the formation of an anti-corruption culture in society and the promotion of a culture of integrity, a republican rally of participants of the “Sanaly Urpak” student club was held in the format of dialogue-meetings, based on higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the leadership of the head of the republican project office “Sanaly urpak” Tokushev K.A.,

NKSU named for M. Kozybaev. Organizers: Karaganda Technical University, Department of APK and SHD. The purpose of the meeting: for the young generation to gain broader knowledge about combating corruption in civil society, the formation of personal anti-corruption culture, the eradication of manifestations of corruption, as well as the formation of anti-corruption thinking and anti-corruption behavior.

The compliance officer of the Karaganda Technical University G.S. Zhetesova made an introductory speech. Further, each of the representatives of the clubs presented their work done and shared development prospects for the coming year. Following the results of the last rally, proposals were considered and recommended to increase the transparency and openness of higher educational institutions that took part in the rally, to strengthen campaign events aimed at creating an anti-corruption culture, to attract more students to the ranks of the club members. The head of the republican project office “Sanaly urpak” thanked them for organizing this meeting, emphasized the importance and significance of such events.