Report on the Regional challenge of Internet videos based On the words of edification of Abay Kunanbayev

From October 5 to 13, 2020, a regional challenge of Internet videos based On the words of edification of Abay Kunanbayev, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the philosopher, thinker and poet, was held on the basis of Karaganda technical University within the framework of the rukhani zhangyru program. Teachers of the Department of Russian language and culture has launched a challenge in Kazakh, Russian and English.

2020 became the international year of Abai, and his work attracted the attention of representatives of many countries of the world. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in the article “Abai – spiritual reformer” calls to promote the work of the great educator, emphasizing that “Abai is the best way to know yourself and your people”, and its “great content of the heritage is the spiritual support of the people”.

Words of edification are the national heritage of the Kazakh people, in which the great thinker called on the nation to modernize, update, and talk about the need to adapt to the requirements of the time. The poet’s words have not lost their relevance to this day, being spiritual food for all of us.

The main goal of the regional challenge, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev, is to preserve national culture and identity, the cult of knowledge and the implementation of multilingual education, foster patriotism, and strengthen the civic activity of young people. The rich heritage of Abai should serve to form a new quality of the Kazakh nation, strengthening the main ideas of the poet in the minds of young people.

Students of universities, colleges and schools of the Karaganda region took part in the challenge. The essence of the challenge was to demonstrate videos based on knowledge Of the words of edification of Abai, his worldview principles and covenants. The participants ‘ task was to expressively read fragments of Words, creatively rethink and convey the rich heritage of the great thinker to a mass audience.

Students of Karaganda technical University, Karaganda University named after E. A. Buketov, Karaganda medical University, Karaganda economic University, Karaganda vocational College, Karaganda College of nutrition and service, “boarding school-College” of Temirtau participated in the challenge.  The participants ‘ performance was not limited to an expressive reading of words of edification, but was also accompanied by a thematic video sequence and playing national musical instruments. Thus, the creative approach of the challenge participants contributed to expanding the target audience and, as a result, passing the baton to other participants. Thus, new facets of the poet’s greatness were revealed, and his work sparkled with new colors.

According to the results of the presentations, a vote was held among the teachers of the Department and the following places were distributed:


I place

  • Zhamalbek Bakyt (Karaganda technical University, GR. SIB-20-2)
  • Tleuke Akku (Karaganda College of food and service, gr. TU-19-05)


II place

  • Elemes Dias (boarding school-College of Temirtau, 3rd year)
  • Sagynaev Dastan (Map, gr. APU-20-1)
  • Bulanbayeva Ayaulym (Map, gr. Mash-20-1)


III place

  • Abylaikhan Turmakhanbetov (boarding school-College of Temirtau, grade 9)
  • Naseyova Aina (Map, GR. BT-20-1)
  • team gr. Met-20-1, Map: Dzhashibekova anel, Ayaganova Zhuldyz, Zhumatova Aruzhan, Abatova Nazken


The following students were awarded in the category “Originality of performance and artistry” :

  • Kaliev Zharolla (Map, gr. AIU-20-2)
  • The team of Karaganda vocational and technical College: Ahmedin Ayaulym, Isaev Roman, Daniel Farhutdinov
  • Team gr. AIU-20-2 Map: Bashakov MADI, Esey Ermek
  • Rakhmetzhanova Zhania (Map, GR. ND-20-1)
  • Seilkhan Zhasulan (Map, gr. APU-20-1)
  • Amanzholov Yessimzhan (map, gr. CAF-20-1)
  • Ibraimova Aruzhan (Map, gr. Mash-20-2)

The event, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great thinker Abay Kunanbayev, contributed to the involvement of students in socially useful activities, strengthening the spiritual and moral values of “Mangilik El” and “rukhani zhangyru”, as well as fostering patriotism through the study of the poet’s literary heritage. So, the regional challenge has become a kind of expression of respect for Abai and an effective way of educating the younger generation.

Information about the results of the challenge is available on the official website of the University and in the social network Instagram (link: