Report on the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan of the College of Innovative Technologies KTU for 2021

At the College of Innovation  Technologies of the Karaganda Technical University, systematic and systematic work is being carried out to form an anti-corruption culture in the framework of the implementation of the recommendations of the Project Office of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “ADAL BILIM”.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of anti-corruption activities and compliance with the Code of Academic Integrity of the teaching staff of the university and college, the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development has been entrusted with the duties of an Ethics Commissioner and Responsible for Anti-Corruption Activities (Order No. 1205ls of 12/24/19).

On the ground floors of all educational buildings and dormitories of the university and college, photo, position, contact phone number, personal page address on Facebook and Telegram channel are posted, following the example of government agencies, with personal reception of students, parents, teachers and college staff once a week.

In the formation of anti-corruption legal consciousness of students, a significant part is assigned to the educational process. Therefore, it is extremely important to plan and conduct socially significant anti-corruption events that replenish students’ knowledge in the field of anti-corruption policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and about the negative consequences of corruption relations and form an anti-corruption attitude.

In order to identify students’ anti-corruption literacy, attitudes towards corruption; the level of knowledge of young people on this topic, to identify corruption actions on the part of college teachers, a sociological study (questionnaire) is carried out among students for corruption manifestations and compliance with the principles of academic honesty. Two times in the academic year the actions “Clean session”, “No corruption” are held. In January 2021, as part of the internal control and audit of corruption risks, an internal survey of students (electronic questionnaire) was conducted – more than 257 students of different courses.

An open master class was held on the topic: “Anti-corruption is a new form of patriotism” (coverage of students – 15 people), legal hour on the topic: “Fight against corruption is everyone’s business” (coverage of students – 24 people). Students exchange views on anti-corruption actions, identify reasons and solutions. The purpose of these events is to instill the concepts of “honesty”, “integrity” and “countering corruption in the student environment”, as well as their meaning.

According to the approved plan, curatorial hours are held online “ZOOM”, on the topic: “On actions to combat corruption.” Students were provided with complete information on anti-corruption measures (coverage of students – 250 people);

According to the plan of the « Sanaly Urpak club» , work is being carried out to clarify anti-corruption legislation, both among students and among teachers, by conducting curatorial hours, classes at the school of legal knowledge, conversations with law enforcement officers, lectures, debates, round tables, debate tournaments the topic of combating various forms of corruption in everyday life; business games; discussion in the classroom and optional classes of problems related to citizenship and patriotism, the concepts of morality and ethics, watching film materials and videos. The main goal of the club is of course the formation of an anti-corruption worldview among young people. The head of the club, together with the activists, are organizing hours of integrity and various actions aimed at preventing corruption offenses on the relevant topics;

In order to implement the plan and strengthen anti-corruption measures in all groups with students, the “Integrity Hours” are being held on the curator’s hours

01/06/2021 open master class on combating corruption on the topic: “Sybailas zhemkorlyk kogam derti”. «Corruption disease»Coverage of students – 20

02/25/2021 teachers of our college actively participated in the nationwide action “Hour of Integrity” “Philosophy of Justice of Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov”. “Young people should learn, only knowledge and work will help to overcome all difficulties on their way” (coverage – 43 people);

02/26/2021 in all groups with students on the curatorial hours the “Hours of Integrity” “The Philosophy of Justice of Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov” was performed. “Young people should learn, only knowledge and work will help to overcome all difficulties on their way” (coverage of students – 350 people); information about the nationwide action “Hour of Integrity” has been published on the college’s Instagram.

On 12.03.2021, according to the plan of the club “Sanaly Urpak”, a debate tournament was held on the topic: “Anti-corruption measures”, “Zhemkorlyga karsy is – sharalar” (coverage of students – 24 people)

Traditionally, the college also holds events aimed at the formation of intolerance to corrupt behavior in society, a competition for social videos, as well as a drawing competition “A country without corruption” dedicated to the day of the fight against corruption. In this academic year, the regional online competition of advertising and image videos on legal topics: “College is a clean territory from corruption” students of our college took 1st place.

03/17/2021 online video tutorial on the topic “Tole bi – the founder of honesty and justice” Coverage – 250 people

03/31/2021 “Hour of integrity: Kazybek bi” coverage of students – 250

05.04. 2021 “Hour of integrity” on the topic “Aiteke bi: sharpness of reasoning and acuteness of sayings.” (coverage of students 250) During the reporting period, five reports were submitted on the work done in the UE.

There is a Student Service Center at the university, the goal of which is the fast and high-quality provision of public services in the educational process on the principle of one window, based on service standards. Students receive public services that are necessary: ​​issuance of certificates to persons who have not completed technical –professional, post-secondary education; transfer and restoration of students; hostel is provided; acceptance of documents in the organization; issuance of duplicate documents; granting of academic leave, also here our students can receive certificates from the portal, update the EDS and other necessary services. Thus, we try to work very openly with students and with teachers.

In educational buildings and hostels, videos are broadcast on an ongoing basis aimed at popularizing the receipt of public services through PEDs using EDS, mobile applications.

This system of providing services is focused on the implementation of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”, and also allows you to eliminate corruption risks in the system of interaction “university – student”, to increase the efficiency and promptness of solving students’ requests, to significantly reduce the time to receive services.

In order to form in the student and youth environment intolerance to manifestations of corruption and the formation of the level of anti-corruption culture at the university:

  • monthly articles on anti-corruption education are included in the issues of the newspaper “For Polytechnic Knowledge”;
  • before the introduction of quarantine, a playlist of propaganda videos was broadcast on the university television every day in each building and dormitory of the university to explain the main directions of the state’s anti-corruption policy to create an environment of mass rejection of corruption;
  • before the introduction of quarantine, the “Territory of Honesty” functioned (buffet of the 1st building), which was promoted by the activists of the “Sanaly Urpak” Club;
  • anti-corruption posts are published in the university and college social media accounts;
  • in all academic groups, students and teachers were familiarized with the Code of Honor of College Students with the Anti-Corruption Standard;

A set of measures to prevent and combat corruption is being successfully implemented:

  • the discipline “Fundamentals of Law” has been introduced into the working curricula of all specialties.
  • the entire educational process has been transferred to digital technologies: the automated information system “MOODLE” is functioning, by logging into which under his username and password, the student has complete information about the educational process: academic calendar, schedule of classes / exams, curriculum, current certification, journal of visits and academic performance, tab (assessment), information about debts, retakes, distance courses, phone numbers, email addresses, ZОOM data of all college teachers and other information necessary for training;

According to the schedule of the educational process, the current certification of students (session) is carried out according to the approved examination schedule. In the 2020-2021 academic year, exams were conducted through the MOODLE platform as testing. The program will display the results instantly and automatically and exposes the marks. We really liked to conduct exams through digital technology, as this excludes contact between the student and the teacher. According to the rules, students have the right to retake, this is all decided collectively through the commission.

The college conducts final certification (IA) for the graduating groups. A final certification commission was created by order, the chairmen are employees of large enterprises, and university professors are also members of the commission. IA was carried out through the program “ZOOM”. The students were present in person, the cameras were turned on, and identification cards were shown before the defense. The defense of the diploma projects was recorded in full.

Every Monday there will be operational meetings of the college administration, every Tuesday a meeting with the director on improving the quality of the educational process.


Head of the club “Sanaly urpaq”                           Umirbekova G.Sh.

Приложение Отчет клуба -Саналы урпак