REPORT on holding the XVI student scientific and theoretical conference “My Fatherland – Kazakhstan”

As part of the implementation of the initiative theme of research “Formation of spiritual and moral personality in the context of the cultural and historical heritage of the people of Kazakhstan” On December 1, 2023, the teaching staff of the Department of “History of Kazakhstan” held the XVI student scientific and theoretical conference “My Fatherland – Kazakhstan”.

The purpose of the conference is development creative and research competencies of students in the study of Kazakh history. The organizers and moderators of the event were K.A. Temirgaliev, acting head department, Ph.D.; A.E. Daniyarova, Ph.D., associate professor; Z.N. Nurligenova, m.p.s., senior lecturer.

With a welcoming speech to the conference participants contacted acting Head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan, Ph.D., Associate Professor K.A. Temirgaliev and Kh.K. Urazbaev, Ph.D., Associate Professor, who emphasized the importance of moral education of the younger generation and creating conditions for the spiritual formation of modern youth.

At the conference, 40 reports (in the state and Russian languages) were presented by 42 first-year students of the NJSC “Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov”:

Section 1. Culture of Kazakhstan in the global world (5 reports)

Section 2. Personality in the history of the Great Steppe (21 reports)

Section 3. Current problems in the history of Kazakhstan (14 reports)

Scientific supervisors: Temirgaliev K.A., acting manager Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Urazbaev Kh.K., Ph.D, associate professor (15 reports); Nugman B.G., Ph.D., Associate Professor; Daniyarova A.E., Ph.D., associate professor; Kasimova S.S., Ph.D., associate professor; Amerkhanova Zh.B., Ph.D., senior lecturer; Oshanov N.Z., m.p.s., senior lecturer; Nurligenova Z.N., m.p.s., senior lecturer (5 reports); Temirzhanova Sh.M.,, senior lecturer; Zhumakanova F.D.,, teacher; Zhakypkanova L.B., m.p.s., teacher.

In their speeches, the students showed high preparedness for the event, were able to clearly substantiate the relevance of the topics of the reports, and adequately defend the propositions put forward.

Summing up the results of the conference, acting Head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan K.A. Temirgaliev expressed gratitude to the participants for their desire to be active in all areas of the educational process. For active participation inThe XVI student scientific and theoretical conference “My Fatherland is Kazakhstan”, the participants were awarded letters of gratitude on behalf of the Member of the Management Board, Vice-rector for Research A.K. Rakishev.


Ph.D., Associate Professor                                           A.E. Daniyarova

m.p.s., senior lecturer                                                   Z.N. Nurligenova