Report about holding a volunteer action “Clean City”.

As part of the state implementation of the Rukhani Zhagyru program, on September 25, 2021, the curators of the Department of Russian Language and Culture of the Karaganda Technical University, together with the volunteer headquarters of KTU, organized and conducted a volunteer action “Clean City!” at the address: st. named after Abay, 21. The action was held with the involvement of 12 supervised students: TS-19-1 (Dokuchaeva N.V.), TS-20-1 (Kishenova A.Yu.), Arch -21-2 (Baimamyrov S.A. ), Arch -19-3 (Ivanova S.A.), The volunteer action “Clean City” was held with the aim of involving active youth in the improvement and improvement of the external appearance of the city.

This action, which can become a good tradition, is an excellent opportunity to draw public attention to the problems of cleanliness and sanitary condition of the city’s courtyards. At the end of the work, a conversation was held with the residents of the house about keeping the yard area clean.

Participation in such volunteer events contributes to the education of an ecological culture and an active life position among the young generation.