Report competitions in “Kazakh kuresi”

Report on competition.
November 14, 2015 the competitions between the faculties of “Kazakh kuresi.”

The competition was attended by 53 students from seven faculties.
Prizes were distributed in the following order.

In weight 55 kg: First place – Zhanabayev Nurbek NVP-15-2
Second place – Balғabekov Diaz GIK-15-2
Third place – Iskakov A OP-13-1
Third place – Shagғynbay Orynbasar GIK-14-2

In weight 60 kg: First place – Tynysbaev Shyңғys C-13-1
Second place – Asқarov B OP-13-1
Third place – Zhұmazhanov Almas OP-14-1
Third place – Irsamaev Ұralbek TS-15-1

In the 66 kg weight: First place – Kabdyganiev Aibek BC-14-1
Second place – Shүkіrhan Mұstafa GD-15-2
Third place – Manapov On RET-14-1
Third place – Yessenbayev Alibek GIK-15-1

In the 74 kg weight: First place – Kozkenov Bektas TE 13-2
Second place – Ermek Maғzhan CT-13-1
Third place – Әlғazi NVP-14-2
Third place – Baқyt Ғalymzhan NVP-15-1

In the 82 kg weight: First place – Tөken Zhanәdіl GPR-14-1
Second place – Olzhas Olzhataev GM-14-1
Third place – Amangeldy Zhanasyl BC-14-1

In weight 90 kg: First place – Tynysbekov Miras BC-14-1
Second place – Balpan Raw BC-15-1

In the 90 kg weight: First place – Tөleuov Ұlyқbek GD-15-2
Second place – Arch Oralbek F-12-2
Third place – Marat Sayran CT-12-4
Among the faculty team places:
First place – GF
Second place – THP
Third place – ASF
IV place – FiET
V place – MF
VI place – FiEM
VII place – FIT

Main judge: Rakhimbekov BK