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Bachelor of Industrial areas (BIA)

Academic and Methodical Section of the National Academic and Methodical Council(AMC- NAMC) was established by order MES of Kazakhstan № 367 from July 31, 2009, according to Karaganda State Technical University endorsed General Institution:

Bachelor in
7 specialties:
1. 5В070700-

2. 5В071200-

3. 5В071600-

4. 5В072400–
and equipment
(by fields);

5. 5В073100–
Safety of life
and environment


and metrology
(by fields);

7. 5В100100–
Fire safety

MSc postgraduate
in 10 specialties:
Mining engineering;



Technological machines
and equipment (by fields);

5. 6М073100–
Safety of life activity
and environment protection;

certification and metrology(by fields);

Geophysical methods
of searches and exploration of
mineral deposits;

Mine surveying;

9. 6М075000-

Fire safety

Ph.D postgraduate in 10 specialties:1. 6D070700-Mining engineering;

2. 6D071200-Machine-building;

3. 6D071600-Instrument-making;

4. 6D072400–Technological
machines and equipment
(by fields);

5. 6D073100– Safety of life activity
and environment

6. 6D073200-Standardization and

7. 6D074700-Geophysical methods of searches
and exploration of
mineral deposits;

8. 6D074900–Mine surveying;

9. 6D075000-Metrology;

10. 6D100100–Fire safety

AMC- NAMC is guided Regulations of Republican academic and methodical council of higher and postgraduate education, approved by Decree of the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan № 14 from January 14, 2011.

The main activities are:

1. interaction and coordination of academic and methodical works of universities, leading training of personnel in related specialties;
2. make recommendations to the list of specialties and educational programs based on needs of the labor market;
3. participate in opening of new specialties;
4. organization of design state compulsory standards of higher and postgraduate education;
5. make recommendations to improve the state compulsory standards of higher and postgraduate education;
6. preparation of recommendations for updating and improving content of educational program of higher and postgraduate education;
7. measures to ensure effective participation of industrial enterprises of the Corporate University in the development of state compulsory standards of the new generation and improvement of educational programs;
8. development of typical educational program of disciplines and typical educational plans in the specialties of higher and postgraduate education;
9. organizational and practical work for the university of Kazakhstan typical educational program for basic disciplines of al specialties of bachelor, MSc postgraduate and PhD postgaraduate programs assigned to the EMC-KarSTU;
10. development of test materials to the list of disciplines for state certification of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan in specialties of bachelor, assigned to the EMC-KarSTU;
11. conducting of monitoring of security specialties of higher and postgraduate education textbooks and teaching aids;
12. review and decision about recommendations of publication of books, teaching aids and academic and methodical development (recommendations, guidelines, manuals, etc.);
13. make recommendations by formation of a list of books, teaching literature, academic and methodical complex and aids approved for use in the learning process for higher and postgraduate education by the Ministry;
14. participation in development and review of projects documents on higher and postgraduate education;
15. analysis of main developments of Bologna process in view of becoming of Kazakhstan in one of the world educational space (multilevel training of specialists, provision of comparable quality, credit-modular technology, etc.);

16. promoting the integration into the world educational space by expanding academic and methodical contacts with public and professional and educational organizations.


Our contacts:

Head of department – Pak Yurii Nikolaevich, d.t.s., professor,

Mobile telephone: +77013680140; office phone: 56 52 49 (in. : 1095),
Main building, cab. 114а

Senior methodist – Shilnikova Irina Olegovna,

Methodist– Bryzgina Elena Olegovna

Office phone: in.: 1058, 4 building, cab. 328