Regional student Olympiad in accounting named after of Professor K. K. Karakessov

April 22, 2016 in Karaganda state University named after academician E. A. Buketov took place Regional student Olympiad in accounting named after Professor K. K. Karakessov. The purpose and objectives of the event is:

– securing the interest of students to the chosen specialty – the future of the profession, deepening their theoretical knowledge in the field of accounting, facilitate the formation of economic thinking;

– identification of gifted students, introducing them to the scientific and practical activities;

– identification and development of creative abilities of students;

– creating conditions for intellectual growth of students.

Olympiad included the following activities:

1) Write creative works-essays by one of the following topics: “Accounting in the XXI century”; “the Accountant yesterday, today, tomorrow”; “Professional accountant”;

2) Student Olympiad in accounting and audit (carried out internally on the basis KSU named after academician E. A. Buketov), which includes 3 rounds: — Execution of test tasks, consisting of 30 questions (from the area of fundamentals of accounting, financial and management accounting); — the Solution to 3 problems on the topics: accounting for assets, liabilities, financial statements; — Team competition (decision problems)

3) captains ‘ Competition

In the competition participated students of 3rd course of  Karaganda state technical University (group UiA-13-2): Kashebayeva Padisha – team captain, Aleksanova Karina and Kulbekova Aizhan, who were awarded with certificates of participation and took  1st place in the essay contest, 1st place in the captains ‘ contest and 2nd place in the team standings. Scientific supervisor – lecturer Mukasheva S. S.