Regional festival “Youth – future of Kazakhstan”

The REPORT on the Regional festival “Youth – future of Kazakhstan”, Devoted to the International day of students held October 27- 29, 2015 on the basis of KSTU. Opening Ceremony of the festival “Youth – future of Kazakhstan” was held in the Palace of culture of miners of Karaganda on October 27, 2015 at 16: 00. Participants from KSTU – Dombra ensemble “Sary-Arka Sazy” under the leadership of student groups Met-12-1 Ahmedyanov Sagyndyk.
The festival included the following nominations: Round table on the theme: “The Role of youth in implementation of the Plan of the Nation “100 concrete steps”, which was held in the conference hall of the Main building of KSTU, where the speaker was a student from group Met-14-1 Aizhan Tabebayeva.
October 28, 2015 there was a Contest of modern dance, which was held in the sports hall of the sports complex of KSTU. The head of the modern dance — Sharipov R.E.. The members of the creative grup of KSTU on modern dancing: Daulet Kapparov, Batyrkhan Kairatovich, Dospanova Arailym, Tuksanbayeva M., Dana Temirbekova. 2nd place took the Students of the University.
The contest of social videos (promotion of healthy lifestyle and family values, ethnic and religious harmony, mediation, prevention offences, observance of traffic rules, the continuity of generations) in the conference hall of Main building of KSTU. KSTU team took 3rd place. The author of the video: st. of the gr. C-14-1 Aibat Kalkamanov, st. of the gr. Fit-14-1 Kabyl Erhan, st. of the gr.. TK-14-3 Aidar Bulatov, st. of the gr. EE-14-3 Konurbaev Serzhan. Held Sports competitions in volleyball among boys and girls in the sports complex of KSTU.

In this competition teams in volleyball among young men team of KSTU: Valiev Abdrauf, Kybyshev Abay, Shaimurat Sagat, Zhakanov Almas, Tokushev Beibut, Manarbek Asylbek, Sovetbek Ualagat, Tazhibay Abdibakyt, Erbolat Shaiken, Nurzhan Boranbay, Agybay Nygmetov took an honourable 1 place.
KVN- skit (Kazakh League) was held in the youth Palace “Zhastar Alemi”, the captain of the team “Zhastar” of the University — student of group SCS-12-1 Abutayev Ernat. On this day, the KVN team “Zhastar” KSTU: Kozybaev Erbol, Okimbekova Akerke, Mutarkhan Yerkin, Sharipbek Alikhan, Syzdykov Jangazy took 2nd place. KVN- skit (Russian League) was held in the building 1, 207 auditorium of the University, the team captain of “Komanda Bulvara Mira” KSTU — student of group TT-14-1 Iskakov Azamat.

In this category the team of KVN “Komanda Bulvara Mira” KSTU: Ordabayev Adil, Ryskulbek Manas, Khan Anton, Georgii Parfenov, Serikov Darkhan, Kulymzhanov Galimzhan, Zhaksylykov Shyngys, Alkenov Alibek took the 3rd place.
October 29, 2015 held a debate tournament (Kazakh and Russian leagues), which was held in building 6 of the University under the direction of Fattahova O. V. In the nomination “Mushaira” , “Or babanyn urpagymyz” under the direction of Muzhimova A. K., Director of the club “Soz patshasy” student of the group PS-14-1 Zeynollah Nurzat took 2nd place.
The closing ceremony of the festival “Youth – future of Kazakhstan” was held on 29 October 2015 in the main building of KSTU.