On the eve of the professional holiday – the Day of Science Workers – the faculty of mechanical engineering held the Science Talk event “Challenges of the 21st century in mechanical engineering and metallurgy: problems, solutions, prospects”. The event was attended by 3rd year doctoral students, students and teachers of the departments “Technological equipment, mechanical engineering and standardization”, “Nanotechnology and metallurgy” and “Foreign languages”.

Moderator Olga Zharkevich, briefly familiarized with the history of the creation of the “Science talk” format, introduced the participants. The topics of the reports themselves give an idea of the seriousness of the problems considered by the participants of the event.

The students’ independent work in EFL learning for students of Mechanical engineering – this was the topic of the doctoral student of the department of “FL” Aitbayeva Saltanat; Resource-saving technology for restoring spline shafts – from the doctoral student of the department “TEME&SD” of  Nurzhanova Oksana; Technology for restoring long rods – of the doctoral student at the department of “TEME&SD” Zhunuspekova Darkhana; Production of a machine bed from polymer concrete – from Berg Alexander, a doctoral student of the “TEME&SD”  department; Improving the accuracy and quality of manufacturing large-sized mechanisms – from Karsakova Nurgul, a doctoral student of the “TEME&SD” department…

No less interesting and relevant issues were raised by other speakers. At the same time, they offered interesting solutions that would attract the attention of workers of industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan.

The reports were followed by a discussion of uncovered issues. The participants of the event exchanged views. According to their feedback, it turned out to be an interesting and useful communication in the talk format.