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MINING faculty
5В070700 Mining
5В070600 Geology and prospecting of mineral deposits
5В071100 Geodesy and cartography
5В072100 Chemical technology of organic substances
5В072400 Technological machines and equipment
5В073700 Enrichment of mineral deposits
5В073100 Safety of life activity and environmental protection
5В070100 Biotechnology

Machine building faculty
5В070900 Metallurgy
5В071000 Materials science and technology of new materials
5В071200 Machine building
5В073200 Standardization, Metrology and Certification

faculty of Computer technologies and Systems Engineering
5В060200 Computer Science
5В070300 Information Systems
5В070400 Computer techniques and software
5В070500 Mathematical and computer modeling
5В071600 Instrument making
5В100200 Information safety security

faculty of telecommunication, power engineering and automation
5В070200 Automation and control
5В071700 Heat power engineering
5В071800 Electric power
5В071900 Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

Transport-road faculty
5В071300 Transport, transport techniques and technologies
5В090100 Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport

faculty of Building and Construction

5В042000 Architecture
5В042100 Design
5В072900 Construction
5В073000 Production of construction materials, products and constructions
5В074500 Transport construction

faculty of Economics
5В050600 Economics
5В050700 Management
5В050800 Accounting and audit
5В051000 State and local administration
5В090800 Assessment
5В051100 Marketing
5В090400 Social-cultural service

Military-technical faculty
5В010400 Initial military preparation
5В012000 Vocational training