Prosecutors met with the students of KSTU

On 22 February, a meeting of students and faculty of the university was held with the staff of regional prosecutor’s office.

Head of Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of RK in the Karaganda region Abu-Ali Anarbayevich Sattar; chief of regional department of CLS and SR of RK Meirzhan Kabdollayevich Amanov; senior prosecutor for information Liliya Talgatovna Karpuk and public prosecutor Tulegen Bakhytbekovich Akhmediyev.

The certain issues relating to administrative offences were discussed on the meeting. A demonstration of the information service opportunities of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of General Prosecutor’s office was showed on the computer and the smartphone. Students got acquianted with the available GIS- it is a map of criminal offences or map crime and accident map and the map of the perpetrators of violent acts of sexual character concerning minors. Students of the university learned the answers to the following questions: how to know whether a person wanted, how to help relatives and friends to submit an appeal to the police and trace the course of its review, learn about fines and pay them.

Opening the event, Abu-Ali Sattar said: “We live in a completely new society and should be ready for any challenges. Each of us is responsible for own future. Every illegal act will remain in an electronic database and will emerge at the moment when your fate will be decided. So you should think about it”. He also spoke about how the offences relate to the ability of a person to work in government.

In particular, Meirzhan Aman said: “Our law enforcement system is the best not only in the Central Asian region, but throughout the CIS by the level of information development. We have reached such results that colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Belarus address us to give them the opportunity to get acquainted with Kazakhstan experience”.

At the conclusion of the event Lily Karpuk demonstrated the online electronic map crime statistics, which aroused great interest of the all gathered in the auditorium of students.

Students took an active part in discussion of issues raised by guests. Of course, that such legal literacy is certainly useful for both parties. Students learn about the latest innovations in the legal system, and prosecutors – on the opinions of young people’s law knowledge.

These meetings are very important for increase of legal literacy of citizens of our country, because the knowledge of the laws necessary for each.