Educational programs of the Mining Faculty!

At the Mining Faculty , specialists are trained according to the following educational programs

BACHELOR’S DEGREE: 6B07201 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”, 6B07208 “Geophysical Engineering and Technology”, 6B07206 “Surveying”, 6B07303 “Digital aerial photography”, 6B07302 “Geodesy and Cartography”, 6B07202 “Mining”, 6B07203 “Oil and Gas business”, 6B07207 “SGP and PS”, 6B11201 “Life safety and environmental protection”;

MASTER’S DEGREES: 7M07203 “Mining”, 7M07202 “Geology and Exploration of MPI”, 7M07201 “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of MPI”, 7M07301 “Geodesy”, 7M07304 “Cartography”, 7M07205 “Surveying”, 7M07305 “Remote sensing of the earth”, 7M11201 “Life safety and environmental protection”;

DOCTORAL STUDIES: 8D07202 “Mining”, 8D07202 – Geology and exploration of MPI. In addition, training is being conducted on joint educational programs 6B07203 “Oil and gas business” with Tashkent State Technical University and 6B11201 “Life safety and environmental protection” with Karaganda University named after E.A.Buketov.

The introduction of new innovative educational programs and technologies at the departments of the faculty is achieved by the development and implementation of 5 OP Mining, Oil and Gas, Geodesy and Cartography, Geology and development of MPI, Ecology, including the remote online program of St. Petersburg Mining University with the support of the UNESCO Center for Postgraduate support of engineering personnel under the system of international professional certification and certification.

6B07201 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits.

6B07202 – Mining.

6B07302 – Geodesy and cartography

6B11201 – Life safety and environmental protection

6В07203 – “Oil and gas business”