At the undergraduate specialties:
6В07201 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits
6В07202 – Mining
6В07302 – Geodesy and Cartography
6В07203 – Oil and Gas Engineering

6В07206 Маркшейдерское дело
6В07207 Строительство горных предприятий
6В07203 Цифровая аэрофотосъемка

In the master’s specialties:
6M070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits
6M070700 – Mining
6M071100 – Geodesy
6M073100 – Health safety and environmental protection
6M074100 – Cartography
6M074700 – Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits
6M074900 – Mine surveying

In Ph.D doctoral studies in specialties:
6D070700 – Mining
6D070600 – Geology


5B070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits

Undergraduate, apprenticeship – 4 years.. Academic degree of the Bachelor is awarded after graduating.
Science of Geology has direct relevance to the practical activity of human – the search, exploration and mining, exploration of the seas and outer space. The same geology gives deep theoretical knowledge of the origin and evolution of our planet, Earth’s internal structure and external areas of its relationship with the surrounding cosmic bodies.

Geologists are prepared by the following areas: geology and exploration of metallic minerals, geology and exploration of oil and gas, coal, building material, Mining geology, hydrogeology –is the study of groundwater in order to further use for drinking water service, industrial use, agriculture, and also as a raw material in the mud and resort treatment, engineering geology – the use of soil as the foundation of the foundations of buildings, roads, railways, bridges, as a surrounding for construction of underground facilities and tunnels.

Training of specialists is provided by highly skilled and experienced teachers. The high professionalism of the teaching staff, good physical infrastructure allow to prepare engineering staff ,who own the latest computer technology, understand processes deeply in the Earth’s crust that can explore mineral deposits.

After reviewing the entire cycle of Geological Sciences, an expert geologist will be able to:
1. To carry out geological survey and geological mapping
2.To conduct search and exploration MPI
3. To predict the geological features of deposits and to identify recommendations for the rational development of
4. To engage with scientific research in the field of studying the Earth planet and other celestial bodies.

Graduates of the department work as a chief geologist, geologists, experts in the state supervision department by quality of raw, in mining enterprises, metallurgical industry, power energetics, managers, researchers, teachers of universities, etc.

Graduates of the department are employed in enterprises and companies, such as ZAO “Center-geolsemka” Zhairemskiy GOK, JSC “Kazakhmys”, Coal Department of JSC “Arselormitall Temirtau”, OJSC “Azimut Energy Services”, JSC “Geol Login Service”, in branches of the corporation “Becker Hyuz Service International Inc. “.

Computer equipment is widely used for term papers and projects in the educational process.

Graduates of the department are claimed, specialty is oriented to the profession that is needed today and will be in demand in the future. In connection with the formation of the national company “Kazgeologiya” which plans to revive the geological management in which geological expeditions will be reborn. Training is conducted at the state and Russian languages.

Specialty of the department entered the state order for educational grants.

5B070700 – Mining

Modern society is inconceivable without consuming vast quantities of minerals. Every year, billions of tons of ferrous and nonferrous metals, construction materials (gravel, crushed stone, sand), coolants (coal, oil, gas) are extracted from the earth. More than 90% of energy produced from the mineral raw materials and engineering activity to its development and use is one of the most prestigious and promising.

No state can remain independent and civilized, without a developed industry. Material production can not exist without the raw materials and raw materials – is a mineral deposit, the problems of developing graduates who are engaged in this profession. On the effectiveness of their work depends largely on the future of Kazakhstan and its place in world civilization.

Mining, has long been called “rock art”, is associated with a long tradition and requires creativity and dedication. This profession is courageous and brave. All fields – oil, coal, ore – with time running out and formed a new, man-made deposits that are already involved, and in the future will be increasingly involved in development. Students of “Mining” acquire skills and ability to conduct open pit and underground mining operations using advanced methods and means of mechanization, automation, master control methods and techniques of mining production, safety and environmental protection. Mining open pit – the most effective and current conditions – the most promising method for extraction of minerals. Deposits suitable for open method development in our country are many. This fact largely determines the demand for specialists of this profile. Mining professionals profile in our country is open boundless field of activity for many years. Occupies a special place in Mining Mine Surveying, which solves the specialized tasks in the exploration, design and development of mineral deposits, construction of tunnels, subways, dams, buildings and structures.
Being trained in this area, students gain knowledge about: – geology, mode of occurrence and the geometry of the deposit of mineral properties – methods of filming the Earth’s surface and mine workings, setting directions mining operations and quality control of their activities by using modern instruments (Laser roulettes, indicators, electronic theodolites, svetodalnomerov) – how to control the completeness of extraction of mineral resources and planning of mining operations – the processes of displacement of rocks and earth surface, measures for protection from the harmful effects of mining. Working with a new generation of devices requires the surveyor high-level computer training. During training students miners gain knowledge for the construction of mines, tunnels, subways, underground warehouses and liquid gas, and industrial structures on the surface of land, residential buildings and the social, cultural and residential destination. In addition to general engineering disciplines, students study principles of design, engineering and construction technology of underground objects and structures on the surface, the economy of mine construction, fundamentals of organization and management, issues of safety and the environment. Particular attention is paid to the study of theory and practice of the explosive case to give access to the blasting operations in underground and opencast mining.

Graduates of a specialty “Mining” can lead units mines, concentrators and other industrial enterprises, institutions. They demanded the enterprises of Karaganda coal basin, Zhezkazgan and East-Kazakhstan region, where the widely deployed new construction and reconstruction of existing mines for the extraction of copper, zinc, gold, etc. Graduates of this specialty are qualified Bachelor of Mining – erudite specialist with a wide range of general technical, humanitarian and economic and legal knowledge. Graduates can work in design and research organizations, as well as continue training in the profile (1,5 years) and science (2 years) Master’s degree.

5B071100 – Geodesy and Cartography

In instrumental measurements of the Earth’s surface by means of electronic surveying instruments to create maps of different scales, engineering and surveying work in the construction of various civil and industrial constructions.

The objects of professional activity of graduates include:
– construction sites of buildings and facilities
– permanent buildings and structures
– a mineral deposit
– State Geodetic Network;
– cartographic instruments and equipment
– Maps the earth’s surface on different scales.

Graduates of a degree in Surveying and Cartography “can perform the following professional activities: Production and technology: angular and linear measurements in the state and departmental networks, triangulation, trilateration and polygonometry all classes and categories; leveling of all classes, the processing of the results of geodetic measurements, editing and publication of maps, the project: preparation of technical projects of specific types of surveying, design production surveying on construction sites, design of topographic and geodetic surveys at various construction sites.

While teaching at KSTU students have the opportunity to engage in modern electronic devices use an automated system GEMCOM and CREDO for a variety of surveying tasks.

Graduates of specialization – “Geodesy and Cartography” prepared for the organization and execution of topographic and geodetic works in prospecting, designing, construction and operation of different facilities, to edit and create maps. The student can continue their education at a university in the profile and academic master’s degree, also work surveyor on the construction sites and road construction, a surveyor in the topographic and geodetic enterprises. Applied Geodesy in instrumental measurements of the Earth’s surface using surveying instruments to meet the challenges of the economy.

When teaching students study modern surveying methods and devices (Electronic Total Station-machine, laser levels and pointers), computers, geographic information systems. An important element of student learning is the passage of geodesics, special and industrial practices. After completing the practice exams and students are awarded the qualification “Land Survey Work.”

Annually the practice of more than 100 students. Bases of industrial practice of students of the department are large geodesic and mining enterprises: JSC “Karaganda GIIZ and K *, JSC Azimut BPH Karaganda NPTszem” Urban cadastre, RSCE “Tsentrmarksheyderiya LLP, Kazakhmys Corporation, AP JSC “Arcelor Mittal Steel Temirtau, AO SSGPO.

Surveyors solve engineering problems: – in prospecting, designing, constructing, operating and monitoring the deformations of engineering structures and buildings – for landscaping and planting of settlements, land and forest management, drainage and irrigation – to create maps of the region and country. Graduates can work surveyor, surveyor designer, researcher, and also continue their education in the profile and academic master’s degree.


5B073100 – Health, safety and environment protection

Academic degree: bachelor of Social safety and environmental protection
Graduating students can work:
– Experts in working out, introduction and operation of technological systems, networks, protection in the emergency situations, allowing to prevent fire, ecological, chemical, radiating and other dangers at the enterprises and in the organizations of all fields of activity;
– Experts at the enterprises and in the organizations influencing on природосоставляющие, technogenic, social and information systems;
– The experts defining safety ability to live, environment protection, in the organizations on management of population protection in emergency situation, operatively-saving and ecological services;
– Experts at scientific research institutes and the design organizations.
Form of educating : internal and extra-mural.
There is a possibility to continue educating on master degree.

5B070800 – Oil and Gas Engineering

To the graduate of a bachelor degree in the specialty 5B070800 “Oil and Gas Engineering” is awarded the academic degree of the bachelor of oil and gas business.
Graduates of specialty 5B070800 “Oil and Gas Engineering” can work at the following positions:
— assistant driller of wells, driller of wells;
— the operator on research, operation and repair of wells;
— the expert in the field of standardization, metrologies and certifications of oil and gas inventory;
— specialist in diagnostics and monitoring of oil and gas inventory;
— supervisor (master) in model operation of processes of oil and gas production;
— master in development of oil and gas fields;
— the operator of control systems of inventory at production and petroleum refining and gas;
— specialist in questions of transportation and storage of naphtha and gas;
— laboratory assistant, technician, junior researcher of research institute.

Qualification characteristic of the bachelor in the specialty 5B070800 “Oil and Gas Engineering”
Objects and subjects of professional activity – the enterprise of an oil and gas complex; technical devices and tools for drilling of oil and gas wells; oil and gas inventory and complexes; control systems of inventory at production and petroleum refining and gas; gas-filling and gas-distributing stations, etc.
Types of professional activity
Bachelors in the specialty 5B070800 “Oil and Gas Engineering” can carry out the following types of professional activity:
— the production and technological — at the enterprises which are immediately engaged in drilling of oil and gas wells, production, trade and factory preparation, transportation and storage of naphtha, oil products and gas;
— the production and administrative – at the enterprises, in the companies and the organizations of the oil and gas industries in the presence of a particular know-how of work;
— the design – at the design institutes, bureau and the organizations which are engaged in projection of processes, technologies and the equipment for production, preparation, transportation and storage of naphtha and gas (after the termination of the corresponding magistracy);
— the research – at research institutes and laboratories for research of layers and wells, physical and chemical properties of the formation fluids which are pumped over and the stored liquids and gases.
Functions of professional activity
Trial functions of professional activity are: drilling of wells; model operation of processes and development of fields; anticorrosive protection of oil and gas inventory; diagnostics and monitoring of oil and gas inventory; research, operation and repair of wells; transportation, storage of naphtha and gas.

Upon termination of tutoring the academic degree the bachelor of technique and technology is awarded.

Subject of a choice: Physics
Profile subject: Physics