Department of «The technology of communication systems»

Сomparative report the results of the survey of students for 2013-2018 gg.

Аnalytical Review according to the results of the questionnaire


Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications (5B071900)

Professional scope

Professional scope is a part of science and technics, which includes the complex of technologies, ways and methods of human’s activity to create conditions to exchange information in distance, transformate information with help of electronic  means.

Objects of professional activity

Objects of professional activity of graduates are technological systems, technical means, which provide transmissions, emission and receiving of symbols, texts, pictures, sounds via landlines, optical and other systems, and also transformation of information with help of electronic  means:

-connection networks and commutation systems

– multichannel telecommunication systems, including systems of optical range

-systems and devices of radio connection, including systems of satellite, radio-relay and mobile connection

– systems and devices of sound and television broadcasting, electroacoustics and voice informatics, multimedial technics

– systems and devices of data transmissing

-electronic transformation of information, including computer systems of objects’ controlling

-ways of protecting the information in telecommunicational systems

-ways of metrological supplying of telecommunicational systems and networks

-management and marketing in telecommunications

-controlling working service of telecommunicational devices.

Points of professional activity

Points of professional activity of bachelor of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications:


-radio connection


-radio broadcasting

-radiolocation and navigation

-radiocontroling, transmiting and receiving radio centers, telecenters

-mobile connection

-special devices of radio engineering

-electronical and computer devices

– devices controlled by microcontrolles and microcomputers

Professional activity function

Bechelor of speciality 5B071900 – Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, according to base training is able to execute following functions on professional activity objects:








-providing software and hardware security.

Education program of speciality provide internal, external, shorten educational form by duration:

– internal – 4 years;

– internal shorten – 3 years;

– external shorten – 3,5 years;

– external based on higher educational form – 2,5 years

Graduate of speciality 5B071900 – Radio engineering, electronics and telecomunications confers a «Bachelor» degree with qualification according to educational program, prescribed by Higher educational institutional council.

According to qualification requirments of Qualification reference book of head, specialists and others workers posts, established by Minister of duty and social people protection of Republic of Kazakhstan by order №273-П of November 22 of 2002, bachelors can obtain initial posts of 1st category technics, junior researcher, laboratory engineers, scientific research institution engineers, design and planning offices without producing demand of work experience and other positions.

Accreditation and rating of specialty