There are studies by educational programs at the department of “Mountain cars and the equipment”:
– Bachelor’s degree (4-year training) by following specialties:
5B072400 – “Technological machinery and equipment” – 164 educational credits.

– Master’s (research and teaching – period of study 2 years (53 education credit) profile – period of study 1.5 years (41 educational credit) by the following ways:
a) 6M072400 – “Technological machinery and equipment”.

Practice Areas

Bachelor’s sphere of professional activity is the production of all industries, including military-industrial complex, as well as engineering design and research.

The objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of graduates are organizations and enterprises of military-industrial complex, public administration, engineering and research organizations, firms of different ownership forms.

Objects of professional activity

Objects of professional activity are:
– Manufacturing machinery and equipment, power equipment, the escape equipment, operating equipment, drive systems of machines, motion control systems, life support systems operator, total housing to accommodate all parts of the machine;, construction and maintenance materials;
-Equipment for the manufacture, testing and utilization of technological machines;
-Equipment maintenance and repair of technological machines;
-Control equipment for the manufacture and operation of machinery;
Equipment, process automation machines;
-Equipment for the design of machines.

Professional activities

Bachelors degree 5B072400 – Technological machinery and equipment (by branches) can perform the following professional activities:
-Settlement project;
– Industrial and technological;
-Experimental research;
-Organizational and management;
-Installation and commissioning;
-Service and operational.