There is such a profession to defend the Motherland!


On the eve of Victory Day in the great Patriotic war we celebrate our main professional holiday – “defender of the Fatherland Day”!

On may 7, 1992, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a decree on the establishment of the national armed forces. The celebration of this date has become a new tradition of Kazakh soldiers. Defender of the Fatherland day in Kazakhstan is a public holiday since spring 2012. This day embodies both the chronicle of the heroic deeds of Kazakhstan and the continuity of traditions of service to the Fatherland. This is a holiday that is designed to increase the prestige and image of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan both within the country and abroad.

This year the people of Kazakhstan and the whole world celebrate the 74th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Today, as we mark this sacred date, we are once again aware of the enormity of the Victory over Nazism. We are proud that our fathers and grandfathers were able to overcome, crush and destroy this dark force. It was the bloodiest and most brutal war in human history. More than twenty million people died. Among them were the people of Kazakhstan, who paved the way to our happiness, our independence. Therefore, today, honoring the memory of the fallen soldiers, we show great admiration for heroism and work at the front and in the rear of our great people. If it wasn’t for that Victory, there wouldn’t be today. Therefore, our respect and attitude to veterans should be really as great as their feat.

These public holidays were also celebrated at the military Department of our University. In a solemn atmosphere, the best teachers were awarded diplomas and encouraged with gratitude, and the parents of distinguished students studying at the military Department were awarded letters of thanks on behalf of the command of the military Department.