Development of methods for isolation of natural triterpenoids from plants and their chemical transformation in order to search for new biologically active substances

New Materials Research Institute


Scientific supervisor – Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Head of the Department of Ch&ChT Takibaeva A.T.


Natural triterpenoids and their derivatives attract the attention of researchers around the world engaged in the search for new bioactive agents, due to their widespread use and synthetic capabilities. Modification of triterpenoid molecules and their derivatives with subsequent bioscreening of the obtained compounds is relevant for the creation of new highly effective drugs of a wide spectrum of pharmacological action.

Project objective

Study and development of effective methods for the isolation of natural triterpenoids from domestic plants for the subsequent synthesis of new biologically active derivatives based on them.

Expected and achieved results

Derivatives of betulin were obtained by reacting it with phenylferrocenyl alcohol, glyoxalic acid and tetramethylglycoluryl, dimethylchorphosphate. The synthesis and study of the structure-bioactivity relationship of the obtained compounds were carried out.

Methods of obtaining and optimal conditions for the synthesis of triterpenoid derivatives under conditions of classical synthesis, microwave and ultrasonic activation; pharmacologically active derivatives of triterpenoids by heterocyclization of hydroxyl-substituted betulin have been developed. The physicochemical and spectral characteristics, structure-bioactivity relationships of synthesized substances have been studied.

Bioscreening of the activity of new functionally substituted triterpenoids and their derivatives for antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, etc. was carried out. types of biological activity.