In the process of interaction with leading foreign companies, funds from the budget, as well as through sponsorship, purchased modern equipment, licensed software, created and operate:

Republican Center “KSTU – Festo-Synergy” [together with the concern “FESTO” (Austria, Germany)];
The authorized training center “KSTU – Schneider Electric” [(jointly with the Corporation “Schneider Electric” (France)]);
Training center “MitsubishiElectric-KSTU” [(together with the corporation “Mitsubishi” (Japan)).

15.06.2018 the Science and Education Complex “Industry 4.0” was opened in a solemn manner, which includes the three centers of the Republican Center “KarGTU – Festo-Synergy” [together with the concern “FESTO” (Austria, Germany)]; The authorized training center “KSTU – Schneider Electric” [(together with the corporation “SchneiderElectric” (France)]; the training center “MitsubishiElectric-KSTU” [(together with the corporation “Mitsubishi” (Japan)) and the innovative lecture audience “Digital Industry” Innovative lecture audience “Digital Industry” is equipped with a visual installation of the equipment of the company “Delta Electronics” LLP “Promelectrosystem”.

12/04/2018 | XIII International Scientific Conference: New Horizons of Research
The chairmen of the Councils of Young Scientists from all over the country gathered at the Eurasian National University. On the site of the 13th International Scientific Conference organized by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy jointly with the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev, discussed the development of youth science in the republic. Researchers raised a great many themes, many of them have important applied significance. So, for example, a sociologist in real time conducted a focus group interview with the participants of the forum. The result of the questionnaire will be the definition of the most popular branch of Kazakhstan science. This conference has become one of the most significant events of the year for the scientific community of the country. The main goal of the forum is to develop and stimulate the creative activity of young scientists, which is of great practical importance in the development of science and the formation of a new technological order.
The Foundation of the First President does not just support young talented scientists – it creates real opportunities for their involvement in solving the most critical and complex tasks. Participants of the conference discussed specific projects and promising areas of research. Contacts are actively formed between various scientific schools and future colleagues.
This year the conference was held in 13 sections and 58 subsections. The reports united one theme: “Science and Education – 2018”. In their works, talented young scientists and students in Kazakh, Russian and English spoke to representatives of the scientific community about the problems of modern communications, digital diplomacy, the development of trilingualism in Kazakhstan and other relevant areas for research. More than two thousand students, undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists aged under 35 became participants of the forum. In addition to them, this year the talents of graduates of secondary schools and “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” took part in the work of the 13th International Conference for the first time.
The conference was held for the 13th time. Every year, the organizers seek to cover several of the most relevant research trends. This time the forum ground brought together the chairmen of the Councils of Young Scientists (SMU) from all regions of Kazakhstan. At the extended seminar-meeting they discussed actual problems and prospects for the development of science in the country. Young scientists have touched on the areas that interest them the most – such as the use of digital technologies in education, trends in the modern research environment. Analytical approaches are serious – the participants not only identified the main scientific trends, but also revealed their significance, talked about the long-term impact of these trends on technology and on the global economy as a whole.
Also in the Fund of the First President they prepared an extensive presentation of youth scientific programs in Kazakhstan and the world, reviewing all the most promising areas of research.
A pleasant surprise for the participants of the 13th International Scientific Conference was the presentation of the certificate to Diana Chigambayeva. The mathematician won a grant from the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a trip. This is a two-week internship at the leading university in UK.