Prevention of Internet addiction, gambling and cyberbullying

02/09/2024 At the Department of Energy Systems a round table was held on the topic “Prevention of Internet addiction, gambling and cyberbullying.”

The event was attended by students of groups TE-23-1 (16 people), curator M.A. Draganova, EE-21-4 (14 people), curator E.N. Bilichenko, EE-22-4 (19 people), curator O. YU. Kaydanovich.

During the round table, questions were raised about the progress of the project “Development and implementation of a set of measures to prevent Internet addiction and gambling among youth and children”, that during the period of its implementation more than 1000 young people from 17 regions of Kazakhstan received training.

The curators reminded students that Telegram groups have been opened in all regions of Kazakhstan to prevent gambling and cyberbullying, and 74 sites have been identified that are recommended for blocking in the user’s personal “parental control” accounts.

A student from group EE-21-4 spoke with analytical data from the Kaspekrsky Laboratory and introduced the students to statistics.

Student of group EE-22-4 Lyamysheva L. presented an infographic from the resource “Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the share of Internet users from the total population, broken down by gender.

The result of the meeting was a decision: to exercise conscious caution and sensibly evaluate incoming information from various sources and comply with Internet safety rules.