Presidential tests

Since 12.09.2022, on the basis of the Abylkas Saginov KarTU sports complex, the teachers of the Department of Physical Education have started taking Presidential tests and determining the level of national readiness for physical culture.
The entire second year is subject to testing.
The delivery of standards will last during the academic year at the 4th stage – “Shynygudyzhetildiru” (“Physical perfection”).
Types of tests and standards for second-year students
higher educational institutions (age 18-23 years):
Running 100 m; running 2000 m (women); running 3000 m (men); long jump from a place; pull-up on the crossbar (men); lifting the torso from the supine position; air rifle shooting; tilt (girls); push-ups;running-walking for 6 minutes.
Presidential level – to fulfill 4 standards of the presidential level and 2 standards of the national readiness level. Cross–country skiing 5 km boys, 3 km girls (compliance with regulations – only for areas with snowy winter, running-walking for 6 minutes for snow-free areas);
The level of national readiness is to fulfill 6 standards of national readiness. (Coverage of 1,432 students 62 released).