Presidential tests

On the basis of the Abylkas Saginov KarTU sports complex, “Presidential tests” were taken by the teachers of the Department of Physical Education and the level of national readiness for physical culture is determined. All second-year students were subject to testing. The delivery of standards lasted throughout the entire academic year (at the 4th level – “Shynygudy zhetildiru”).

Testing and passing the “Presidential Tests” at the Abylkas Saginov KarTU Sports Complex is an important initiative to determine the level of national readiness for physical education among second-year students.

“Presidential tests” provide an opportunity to assess the level of physical readiness of students, as well as provide motivation for the student for his further work. This is important because physical activity and health are key aspects of overall well-being and can influence success and ability to perform various duties.

The “Presidential Tests” set standards for physical fitness that students must meet. This is important in the context of preparing students for possible military service and, if necessary, as defenders of the Motherland, where physical fitness requirements can be key, basic.

Knowing that they are evaluated at the state level can encourage them to participate in training and take care of their health.

When forming a national health culture, Presidential tests contribute to the creation of a national culture of health and an active lifestyle. They emphasize the importance of physical activity and physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Types of tests and standards for students of higher educational institutions (the first figure is “Presidential level” the second is the national level (age 18-23 years): running 100 meters (men 13.0., 13.5 m.s., women 15.5., 16.0 m.s.); running 2000 meters (women 9.0., 9.50 m.s.); running 3000 meters (men 12.00., 12.30 m.s.); long jump from a place (men 260., 245 cm., women 200., 190 cm.); pull-up on the crossbar (men 17., 14 times); lifting the trunk from the supine position (women 50., 45 times); air rifle shooting 3 test shots and 5 for scoring (men 42., 36 points, women 40., 33 points). Unfortunately, the level of physical fitness of students is low.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, 1,368 people took the “Presidential tests”, 75 students were released from classes and were in physical therapy groups.