Presentation of the book “Alimkhan Yermekov: fate and time”

May 29, 2015 at 10: 00 in Karaganda state technical University was held a presentation of a new book of the doctor of historical Sciences, first Deputy Director of the Institute of history of state of  MES of Zhanna  Urkinbaevna  Kydyralina  “ Alimkhan Yermekov: fate and time”.  It is symbolic that the book was published in a popular book series “Nartulga” (Kydyralina  Zh., Alimkhan Yermekov: fate and time / Zh. Kydyralina. – Astana: “Foliant”, 2015. – 440 p.) on the eve of day of memory of victims of political repressions, which is celebrated annually by decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 31.

Three years ago the historian Zhanna  Kydyralina issued previous monograph, “Alimkhan Ermekov” in series “Uly Dala tulgalary” (Kydyralina  Zh.U., Alimkhan Yermekov. – Almaty: LLP “Liter-M, 2012. – 320 p.). In the new book of the author significantly updated material based on newly discovered archival documents and facts, and also expanded the historical background of the era in which he lived and carried out creative activities one of the founders of the first Kazakh political party “Alash”, the member of the government “Alash Orda”, the first Kazakh Professor of mathematics, Alimkhan  Abeuovich Yermekov (1891-1970).

  1. A. Yermekov was one of the first who stood at the origins of the Soviet of the Kazakh statehood. He performed in 1920 in Moscow in front of V. I. Lenin with the report on the situation in Kazakhstan and its borders. In difficult disputes with the leaders of the Centre and the regions he along with other representatives of the Kazakh elite has managed to secure the return of the native Kazakh lands in the Republic, including several strategically important, as the territory of Akmola and Semipalatinsk regions, the Northern coast of the Caspian sea.

The life of A. A. Yermekov  held at a critical moment in the history of the first half of the twentieth century, a truly majestic. The hero of the book survived with their countrymen the happiness of awakening to historical creativity, enthusiasm for revolutionary romanticism and sobering tragedy of the ChACP.  The name of Alimkhan Yermekov forever entered to the history of Kazakhstan and is an example of resilience, honour and dedication. His fate in the second half of the 1950s and 1960s was associated with the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute.

The presentation will be attended by representatives of the General public, state and public figures, veterans, scientists, students, relatives, historical figures, and media representatives.

The moderator of the presentation is the rector of Karaganda state technical University, academician of  NAS RK, Professor Arystan Maulenovich Gazaliev.