Pre-diploma practice at the enterprises of the practice base of the ITPS department since January 22, 1919. until 02.28.19

Students of the 4th course of the specialty 5B071600 “Instrument Engineering” had pre-diploma practice at the enterprises of the base of practices of the ITPS department. The term of practice from 22.01.19g. until February 28, 1919. According to the order number 17SA from 01.14.19. sent to KF JSC “NazEx” and “KazMedServiceGroup” LLP. The head of the practice on the orders of senior teachers Yurchenko V.V., Alkina A.D. and Kakimov K.Sh. The results of the practice in groups in table 1.

группа Кол-во студентов Результаты защиты отчетов примечания
Приказ Ведом. А В С-Д Неаттест.
ПС-15-1 8 8 4 4
ПС-15-2 5 5 4 1
ПС-16-2с 1 1 1
Итого: 14 14