Practical Conference among graduate and doctoral students «Scientific innovations and achievements of industrial sphere of Kazakhstan»

Within a program «Rukhani Zhangiru»

the Department of Foreign Languages holds an Annual Practical Conference among graduate and doctoral students «Scientific innovations and achievements of industrial sphere of Kazakhstan»

the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, KSTU, December 5, 2018


 Graduate students and doctoral students, young scientists and engineers conducting research in the field of technical sciences are invited to participate in the conference. The objectives of the conference are: to develop international contacts of young scientists, to improve linguistic skills in terms of professionally-oriented English, to support young specialists in overcoming the language barrier and acquire language skills, as well as to discuss problems and prospects, exchange experience, practical skills and abilities in the field of scientific innovations and achievements.

Much attention is paid to the latest advanced technologies, as well as future research related to all areas of science and engineering, problems in the design, development and practical application of new technologies. It is expected that this conference for young scientists will be a means of conveying information on the latest results and experimental data obtained in the field of science, engineering and business, in particular world experience, and related issues, as well as proposals for new ideas and directions for further development. MA and PhD students are invited to study the research on the basis of various English-language sources of information. The working language of the conference is English.

Foreign scientists and professors in the field of technical and linguistic sciences will give a presentation during the conference: Constance DeVereaux, PhD, University of Kentucky and Nocolae Stanciu, PhD, University of Bucharest, Romania.

Within the framework of the conference, a competition will be held for the best presentation. It will be evaluated according to the criterion “creative approach to the content of the presentation”.

We invite graduate and doctoral students to take part in this significant event. We hope that the discussions will contribute to the progress of science and technology.

Venue and time

An annual practical conference among graduate and doctoral students will be held on December 5, 2018. The conference venue is the 1st building, Karaganda State Technical University, one of the leading centers of technical education, science and culture in the central part of the Republic of Kazakhstan.