about internal university quiz for on information technologies
EPAM Systems – 2013, devoted to the 60-anniversary of  KSTU

Objects and objectives of the quiz
Revealing of the most talented young people with the necessary knowledge and skills for solving problems connected with the implemetation of new information technologies.
Development of logical and creative thinking of students, the awakening of interest to solve non-standard tasks in the field of programming, development of software systems and web applications.

Organizers of the quiz
LLP «PLUSMICRO» Competence Centre EPAM Systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Karaganda state technical University (IS Department).

LLP «PLUSMICRO» Competence Centre EPAM Systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Participants of the quiz
Students of 1-4 courses and graduate students of the University can participate in the quiz EPAM Systems – 2013, devoted to the 60-anniversary of the KSTU.


Guidance of the quiz
Guidance of the quiz is carried out by the Organizing Committee.
Functions of the organizing Committee:
– identification of specific dates and venue for the quiz;
– formation of the work plan on preparation and conducting of the quiz;
– summarizing and awarding of the winners on the basis of jury decision;
-preparation for publication of the materials and results of the quiz;
– drawing up of the report on the quiz.

Jury will be appointed for checking the tasks of the quiz

The Jury consists of the experienced teachers of the University on Information Science and Computer Technology, having no interest in the results of the quiz and representatives of the companies-organizers of the contest.
Functions of the jury:
– compilation of the questions and quizzes;
– checking and assessment of works of quiz participants.
The competitors will be given tasks in programming, and also it will be necessary to answer the questions in the field of IT. All of the requirements for task implementation are set in the rules of competing in quiz.


Quiz conduction terms
26.03.2013 – 4.04.2013: Registration, IS Department  KSTU,408а. main building
5.04.2013: Competition.
5.04.2013 – 9.04.2013 : Assessment of the works. Summing up of the results
10.04.2013 : Appeal.
12.04.201 : The closing ceremony of the quiz and prize award.

For the first place – HP Laptop.
For the second -Tablet Prestigio
For the third place – E-book Citizen

Venue of the quiz
The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Karaganda, Bulvar Mira ,56
KSTU, IS Department, 200 (a-e) aud. main building.