Regulation on the ethical Council

This regulation defines the status and powers of the ethics Council of the University (the Council).

1. General provisions

1.1 the Council is a permanent collegial body for consideration of disciplinary cases of employees and students of University, provision of anti-corruption legislation, prevention, and prevention of offenses in educational sphere, prevention of violations of the internal Regulations and Charter of the University.

1.2 the Council operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labour code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On education”, “On combating corruption” and these regulations.

1.3 the Council in its activity is guided by the principles of legality, objectivity and fairness.

2. The purpose and objectives of the Council

2.1 the Council is created to implement state policy on combating corruption, eliminating the causes and conditions for its appearance, the eradication of abuses and the intersection of offences on the basis of formation in the University environment of zero tolerance for any violations.

2.2 objectives of the Council are:

2.2.1 Ensure the implementation of the Law “On combating corruption” within the University, the prevention and prevention of offenses;

2.2.2 Working with the appeals staff and students on the facts of offenses, breaches of the internal Regulations, the Charter of the University;

2.2.3 awareness of University staff in combating offenses, violations of internal Regulations and Charter of the University;

2.2.4 Interaction with the administration and public organizations of the University in addressing violations and formation in the team of zero tolerance for any violations;

2.2.5 the Use of various forms and methods of combating crime and ensuring the protection of rights and interests of students;

2.2.6 Development of recommendations and proposals to strengthen discipline, prevention and prevention of crime and anti-corruption legislation;

2.2.7 facilitate the detection of violations in the University and initiating disciplinary actions on the revealed facts of violations.

3. The order of formation of Council:

3.1 the Council is formed by the rector of the University.

3.2 the Council is formed from among distinguished members of the University staff, including representatives of public organizations consists of the President, his Deputy and the members of the Council. The total number of members must be odd.

3.3 The Chairman Of The Council:

3.3.1 The Chairman of the Council and coordinates its activities according to Regulations;

3.3.2 Approves the work plan of the Council and overseeing its implementation;

3.3.3 provides a Timely consideration of appeals of staff and students on the facts of offences;

3.3.4 Timely submits to the rector proposals on the adoption of disciplinary measures on the revealed facts of violations;

3.3.5 Systematically reports to the rector of the University report of the Board on the work carried out;

3.3.6 make recommendations and proposals to strengthen discipline, prevention and prevention of crime and the provision of anti-corruption legislation.

3.4 the Deputy Chairman of the Council:

3.4.1 Performs the functions according to distribution of duties between the Chairman of the Board and his Deputy;

3.4.2 On behalf of the President of the Council in his absence preside at meetings of the Council;

3.4.3 the limits of its competence carries out other assignments of Chairman of the Board.

3.5 The Members Of The Council:

3.5.1 Have the right to make proposals in the work plans of the Council;

3.5.2 Required to take an active part in the work of the Council and is not entitled to delegate their powers to other persons;

3.5.3 Required to comply with the requirements of this regulation.

3.6 The Secretary Of The Council:

3.6.1 records and registration statements and proposals to the Council;

3.6.2 Provides prompt notification of Council members and interested parties of the date and time of the meetings of the Council;

3.6.3 Provides the registration of protocols of meetings of the Board.

3.7. The Council has the right:

3.7.1 to Request and receive necessary materials and information from the heads of structural units;

3.7.2 Invite and hear at meetings of the Council of representatives of the University administration, deans, heads of departments, teaching staff, teaching and support staff and students.

4. Organization and work procedure of the Council:

4.1 the Council operates in accordance with the work Plan approved by the Chairman;

4.2 Council Meetings are held 1 time per week;

4.3 the Meetings are considered competent if on them are present not less than two-thirds of the total number of members of the Council. In case of equality of votes the Chairman’s vote is decisive;

4.4 the Council considers the disciplinary hearing within 10 days from the date of its adoption for production.