Visit to the KarLAG Museum

Karaganda State Technical University

Department of Information Technology and Security

Visit to the KarLAG Museum


Date: May 3, 2019 Time: 15.00-17.00

Venue: building / aud.: Karaganda region, Dolinka village

Participants: Inf-17-2, FIT-17-1 (Sib), FIT-17-1 (inf), BT-16-4, FIT-16-1.

Student coverage: 100 people.

Analytical reference:  On January 3, 2019, students were taken to the KarLag Museum (Karaganda Correctional Labor Camp of the National Commissariat of Internal Affairs – NKVD). Within the framework of the Project “Name on the Map” and the State Program “Ruhani Zhanғyru”, on January 3, 2019, an excursion was organized to the Museum of the Memory of the Victims of Political Repression in the village of Dolinka (KarLag Museum). KarLag was one of the hundreds of camps that bore the collective name GuLag (Camps General Administration), which were organized by Stalin during the period of mass political repression. There were other camps on the territory of Kazakhstan, but KarLag stands out among all of them for its scale and significance.

Literally, at the entrance to the museum, guests are greeted by shanyrak – a symbol of peace, friendship, freedom-loving, which is broken on one side – “crushed by the clutches of totalitarianism,” as the guide noted. In general, almost the entire exposition of the museum is genuine things of the time, found, masterfully restored by modern specialists, but still vividly conveying the picture of that time. Therefore, a heavy feeling does not leave during the whole excursion; all museum visitors note this.

This is our story that we need to know, and first of all – our children and grandchildren. Visiting the museum, we, the participants of the tour, as if plunged into that cruel time. It should be noted that the people of that time did not lose their dignity, the desire to work and create, managed to preserve the honor and conscience. Today in Kazakhstan, there is peace and harmony, which we must cherish and appreciate. We must not allow the repetition of the terrible events of the 20th century. ”

Purpose: to form students’ patriotic position, a sense of historical memory, hatred of repressions. Raise love for the motherland.


  1. The excursion made it possible for young specialists of the Department to perceive and feel the history of their region, to expand their cognitive interest, to instill respect for the history of their country
  2. Foster feelings of patriotism, internationalism,
  3. To instill a sense of respect and pride in the heroism of people.

The results achieved: the development of interest in the historical past of our country, education of patriotism and citizenship, education of gratitude to those who died during the years of repression. We strive for the future – bright, peaceful, sincere, we live in the present and remember the past. This is our story, a story in faces, hearts, memories.

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Responsible organizers: MM Kokkoz, Moldavanova I.G., Klyueva E.G., Kulbaeva L.N., Kadirova L.B.