Poetry evening at university

On 25 February,  poetry evening “Tilim menin – tirligimnin aigagy” was held in the Palace of Youth KSTU. Poems were read by students of KSTU. Guests of the evening were renowned journalist and author Torekhan Maybas, as well as teachers of social-humanitarian disciplines of Kazakh language and culture. Both creations of the students and poem recitation of Kazakh poets Mukagali Makatayev, Bauyrzhan Zhakypov, Kadyr Myrza Ali, Tolegen Aybergenov and others were performed. Those who were marked out by guests, received letters of appreciation. The evening brought a lot of positive emotions to guests and participants. The fact that such gifted and talented students learn at technical college rejoice. We can only hope that this event will encourage other authors who are still afraid to take their poetic talents out, to go on stage on public. Poetry and sense of beauty is necessary for everyone of us to perceive the harmony of our lives better.