Victory in the Republican competition of professional skills “Meni shyndagan serpin”

From 8 to 10 November 2017, the competition of professional skills among students in the framework of the social project “Serpin” (according to paragraph 32 of the plan approved by the Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan of 5 January 2017) was held in M. Kozybayev North-Kazakhstan State University (Petropavlovsk). The purpose of the competition under the name “Meni shyndagan serpin”— promotion among young people of working professions, improving their prestige, status, training and qualifications, determination of the best specialty among students “Serpin”.

The competition was attended by students of the 3rd course of the specialty “Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications” KSTU Kenes Timur and his head Yessengulov U.S., assistant of the Department “Technology of communication systems”, which has developed a special project “Creation of a holographic device with a dynamic display based on Arduino Pro Mini”. It should be noted students from 5 universities and 5 colleges where students study by social project “Serpin” by specialty “Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications” defended their projects and competed for prizes.

The first place of the Republican competition of professional skill “Meni shyndagan serpin” was awarded to KSTU student Kenes Timur, who was awarded a diploma and a valuable prize of the President of JSC “Centre of International programmes” Meldeshov Zhanbolat.

“The developed project is my future thesis. The aim of the project is the development of new technologies in the field of advertising services, creating favourable conditions for the future commercialization of the results. Seizing the moment, I want to express my deep gratitude to KSTU administration for their belief, they gave opportunity to take part in this competition and have inspired confidence in the victory. I am very glad that I justify your trust” — the winner of the competition Kenes Timur said.