PO “Taiburyl” announces the beginning of a collection of applications under the program “Monthly scholarship”

The competition is open to students enrolled in the undergraduate program. The number of scholarships – 250, 100 scholarships provided by JSC “Kaspi Bank” and 120 scholarships provided by Aidan Karibzhanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of  JSC “VISOR Holding”. Students winning within this Competition, will be entitled to a monthly stipend in the amount of  30 thousand tenge (including personal income tax) for 5 months (from February 2015 to June 2015). In order to apply for participation in the Contest, you must meet the requirements of the regulation on “Monthly scholarship”. Among the main criterias are the followings:

– be a citizen of Kazakhstan;

– not to have a conviction and/or administrative penalties for actions;

– to study full-time undergraduate University located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and which is not a subsidiary of a foreign University;

– open to students of major public and private Universities (according to the list specified in the online module of the Application, a link to the list here );

– complete at least one academic semester and receive a transcript (i.e., freshmen who have completed 1 semester can also participate);

not to get scholarships from other sources, except for state scholarships (Presidential scholarship) under an educational grant;

– don’t work on the basis of an employment contract, except in the University;

– to meet the performance criteria specified in paragraph 2.2. Position;

– to meet the criteria of the financial provision specified in paragraph 2.3.Position;

– to meet the criteria of affiliation specified in paragraph 2.4. Provisions.

The competition is national, students from all regions of the country may to take part in it. Also applicants must be registered on the HR portal Moomkin.com (Partner  PO “Taiburyl”), and specify the address with your personal page in the application. We plan to monitor the further progress of the winners through this resource and help them find employment through various assistance programs with Sponsors and Partners of  PO “Taiburyl”.

The collection of applications will take place from  January 19, 9.00 a.m. to January  31, 18.00, 2015. Process of applications are fully automated, so the candidates can apply online (http://www.taiburyl.kz/request/). After the application is filed, within 24 hours the employees of the PO “Taiburyl will check the application for compliance with all the requirements of the Regulations and will send you an email with further instructions. Applications may be submitted in one of two languages – Kazakh and Russian.

In case of any questions, you can contact:

– by phone: +7 7172 51 69 64;

– by e-mail (taiburyl.kz@gmail.com);

– by FB-page (https://www.facebook.com/taiburyl).

Contact Dauren Turgumbaev, Executive Director of  PO “Taiburyl”.

PO “Taiburyl”  sincerely wishes  good luck to all the candidates, and hopes that this contest will open many outstanding personalities among the youth!