Plan research workdepartments APK and SHD for the academic year 2018-2019


Vice Rector for scientific work

___________ Ozhigin S.G.

«        » ____________ 2018



of scientific research work

Chair of “Social and Humanities”

for the 2018-2019 academic year




(Name of works)

Deadline Performers Tick mark
1. Perform R & D:

1.1       R & D:

“Development of the end-to-end socio-humanitarian training of students of technical universities in the context of the unity of humanitarianization and education training”


1.1.1 Philosophical aspects in the content of the fundamental disciplines of technical specialties



1.1.2 Socio-political aspects in the content of fundamental disciplines of technical specialties



1.1.3 Moral and legal and religious components in the content of the fundamental disciplines of technical specialties


1.2       Research in the direction of «Мәнгілік ел» State budget topic (Transformation of sociocultural values as the basis for the modernization of the public consciousness of Kazakhstan’s society)


1.2.1 Basic research in the field of socio – economic humanities









June 2019



June 2019





June 2019





June 2019









Alzhanova G.B.



Khmelnitskaya O.M.




Aubakirov E.Zh.




Balshikeev S.B.

Kazbekov N.A.

Matveenkova L.G.

2. Publication of R & D results


2.1 Publication of articles – at least 10 articles, incl. 4 – rating publications, 2 – highly rated publication



2.2 Participation in the republican international scientific conferences at least – 20 reports



During 2018-2019





During 2018-2019





faculty of the chair




faculty of the chair

3 Organization and holding of the conference «Modern science: traditions and innovations» November 2018 Aubakirov E.Zh.


4 Inventive activity

Submission of applications SIMS – 4


During a year



faculty of the chair

5 Research work with students According to the NIRS plan Aubakirov E.Zh.



Head of the department APK and SHD                       Balshikeev S.B

Approved on the department meeting protocol №1 by 4.09.2018

Research effort chair                                                                                   Aubakirov E.Zh.