PLAN Of scientific research


Of scientific research of the R&FL department for 2015/16 academic year





Evaluation of the performance

1. Performing of The research and development

1.1 Foreign language teaching technical students in the light of the Bologna Process: 

1.1.1 Multilingual education in technical colleges of Kazakhstan: problems and prospects

October 2015

January 2016

Lazarenko I.А.,

Izotova А.S.,

Vitchenko О.V.

1.1.2 The implementation of national-level training model trinity languages.

September 2015

May 2016

Akhmetova D.R.,

Toimbayeva B.М.,

1.1.3 Simulation of communication in the context of the theory of intercultural communication.

October 2015

June 2016

Kogay О.А., Аliyeva А.К.,        Svich N.А.
2. Participation in the competition for the MES g / b funding on “Study of the problem of chaos and order in the socio-economic system of society in the context of global changes.”

During year

(plan is attached)

Ospanova B.R.
3. Publication of research results: Publications Articles 3.1 – 93.2 Conferences – 203.3 Developing 1, 2 head master’s thesis “Lingvostylistic peculiarities of advertisement (on a material of English language) of masret student Baydeldinova G.M. According to research plan (attached)

Supervisor Kakzhanova F.A.

4. Publication of results Publication NIOKR4.1 6 articles in rating journals, including, in journals included in the database Thomson Reuters and Scopus (3 articles). during the year (according to plan) PTS of department
The organization and carrying out of scientific training workshops with representatives of near and far abroad December 2015 Akhmetova D.R.
5. Organization and holding of the Round Table “Multilinguism in the context of global education.” March 2015 Ospanova B.R., Azimbaeva Zh.A.
6. Inventive activity. Filing an application for ICU 6. April 2015 PTS of department
7. Deyatelnost7.1 International Scientific-theoretical seminar on techniques of writing scientific articles in rating journals with Professor Constance De Vereaux;

October 2015

Jantasova D.D., Akhmetova D.R., Vaslyaeva M.Y.
7.2 Cooperation with Tomsk State Pedagogical University
8. Research work with students. R & D (provided) on the plan Ospanova B.R., Tazhibaeva S.M., Beyskhanova S.A., staff of the department
9. Other scientific papers.