PLAN of ITEA scientific Seminar


Scientific seminar plan

№ п/п

Семинар тақырыптары



1 Development of designs of experimental model nodes of a small wind power plant with a working body with a vibrating sail Шоланов К.С.



Optimal control of electric drives of robotic complexes Фешин Б.Н.
2 Development and research of a model of alternative fuel elements based on dielectrics with hydrogen bonds with high proton conductivity

Калытка В.А.



Development of a set of recommendations and measures to improve the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises, Energoexpert & K LLP Нешина Е.Г.
3 Development of a plan for the development of the Heat Supply System, taking into account the construction of a new CHPP. Development of proposals for the introduction of additional heating power (option 4)

Нешина Е.Г.



Justification of the method of calculation of optimization of heat protection of pipelines, equipment and selection of thermal insulation materials in order to improve the performance characteristics and cost-effectiveness of heating networks with the development of necessary software Нешина Е.Г.
4 Results of the Interuniversity student scientific conference




5 Improving the operating modes of stationary installations Булатбаев Ф.Н.

Within one year

On cooperation of departments with universities of Russia and far abroad Зав.кафедралар
6 Reports of undergraduates and doctoral students Диссертанттар, диссертация жетекшілері

Within one year

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

deputy                                                                              Nurmagambetova G. S.