PLAN of ITEA scientific Seminar

Plan of the scientific seminar
Non/ a Topics of the seminar Responsible Terms of implementation
1 Development of designs of units of a prototype of a small wind power plant with a swingingparty working body Yugai V. V. May


Optimal control of electric drives of robotic complexes Yugai V. V.
2 Development and research of a model of alternative fuel cells based on dielectrics with hydrogen bonds with high proton conductivity Kalytka V. A. September 2023г.
Development of a set of recommendations and measures to improve the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises,Energoexpert &Co LLP” Neshina E. G.
3 Preparation of a planfor the development of the heat supply system, taking into account the construction of a new CHPP. Develop proposals for the introduction of additional heating capacity (4 options) Neshina E. G. March-May 2024
method of optimization calculation of heat protection of pipelines, equipment and justification of the method of selection of heat-insulating materials for improving the operational characteristics and efficiency indicators of heat networks with the development of the necessary software Neshina E. G.
4 Results of the interuniversity student scientific conference Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Russian Academy of ScienceskDepartment aphedra


5 Improvement of operating modes of stationary installations Bulatbaev F. N. During the year
On cooperation of departments with universities of Russia and far abroad Headof the Department.kafedra
6 Reports of undergraduates, doctoral students Dissertators, supervisors of dissertators During the year