Graduation for college graduates

On June 28, a ceremonial presentation of diplomas for 23 graduates of full-time and part-time education was held at the KSTU Innovation Technology College. Alpysbayeva N., Vice-Rector for EW congratulated graduates. She wished good luck to each graduate to find a decent job, to justify all his hopes and do/not to forget that they graduated from the College of Innovative Technologies of KSTU. College Director Smagulova N.A also congratulated the graduates on such a significant and very important day, thanked the parents present for their confidence, and thanked the teachers of the college for a fruitful and eventful academic year.

The activists of the college prepared a gala concert, the head of the “Zhas Orda” Pavlenko D. thanked the director for the trust, for the support, for the opportunity to develop and move forward.

College graduates, in turn, expressed their gratitude to the college administration, teaching staff for the knowledge gained in college, for their work, for their support and for the opportunity to study at the most prestigious university in the country.

This is the very first graduation for the College of Innovative Technologies, and therefore it was the most exciting and touching, not only for students, but primarily for the director Smagulova N.А аnd the entire faculty of the college.

In turn, we wish our graduates to achieve their goals, do not afraid of difficulties, be active and work for the benefit of our country.