Peace is the country’s desire

April 29, 2024, acting head of the department of “Kazakh language and culture” Khamzina K.M. and teachers of the department Ashirbekova A.B., Bekkulova A.D., Abdikadirova A.Zh., Zhaldybaeva A.Zh., organized a literary and educational event on the topic “Peace is the desire of the nation”, dedicated to May 1 – People’s Solidarity Day.

The purpose of the event: to promote the Day of Solidarity of the People of Kazakhstan among students, to educate them in friendship, unity, love and defense of the Motherland. Instilling among young people the culture and morality of representatives of other nationalities living in our country.

Participants of the event: Sib-23-11(1), Sib-23-9, Sib-23-11(2), teachers of the department