Participation of students of creative circles in the event “Open Day”

On April 11, 2017, from 15.00 to 17.00 in the assembly hall of the main building of the University, a solemn event “Open Doors Day” was held, at which a concert program was prepared prepared by the participants of the creative circles of the University.

Before the guests were:

– with the song “I just love you” NVP-16-3 Shumanov Nurzhan, Art. MASh-16-1 Magzumbaev Alikhan and Art. TT-16-1s Tugelbayev Marat (participants of the vocal circle “;

– with the song “The most” GPR-13-1 Nygyzhan Nurdaulet (participant of the vocal circle);

– with a dance number (flash mob) st. NVP-16-3 Shumanov Nurzhan, Art. TE-16-1 Adil Bolatov, Art. OP-16-1 Bauyrzhan Bekzhan, Art. GIK-16-2 Dauletbekov Ansagan and st. BZhD-16-2 Kelgenbaev Rasul (activists of ASO “Zhas Orda”);

– with the song “Potpourri” TT-16-1s Tugelbayev Marat and st. GPR-16-3 Rakishev Amin (participants of the vocal circle).