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Department of «Automation of manufacturing processes»

Employers in the specialty Automation and Control

Base practices in the specialty Automation and Control

Every year, faculty of the department at the invitation of the company Siemens participate in a seminar (Almaty).

Joint participation in the international project “Synergy” (MEI, BSTU, OmGTU, SevNTU, Festo Concern) continues. As part of this project, a test session was organized in the magistracy in November-December 2012, in which each university participating in the project gave its own series of lectures. 2 undergraduates completed internships at TPU, 8 undergraduates – at OmGTU, 2 – at DonSTU. Undergraduates Skublin V. and Avilov I. study at KSTU and TPU under the program of double-degree education. In January 2013 they defended themselves at KSTU, in July 2013 there would be a defense at TPU.

The faculty and students of the department took part in the Third International Internet Conference on the basis of OmSTU.

By order of the corporation Kazakhmys completed 3 degree projects.

Employees of NPO “Kazchermetavtomatika” conducted training for the working professions of 2nd year students.

Under the guidance of employees of the enterprise “Ugleservis” – part-time department, completed 13 diplomas. Employees are involved in the learning process.

Prepared, 3 reviews of dissertation abstracts for applicants in Russia (Omsk, Novosibirsk).

At the enterprises of “TREI”; Temir; “Engizu”; “RVSA”; “Kazpromavtomatika students did practical work.

Agreements on double-diploma education have been concluded and are in force with TPU in the specialties of “Electric Power Engineering” and “Automation and Control”.

The department annually participates in conferences held by the DGTU.

Employees of KGIU opposed to the defense of master’s theses.

The reception of graduates of the department in ITMO magistracies (St. Petersburg) in the specialty “Electric power industry” was organized.

Department “Drive Systems, Mechatronics and Robotics” of the Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEKH”





Siberian State Industrial University

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