Our graduating students

Department of ”Economics of the enterprise”

1. Shukin Victor Konstantinovich (25.10.1954) graduated from Karaganda Polytechnic Institute in 1977 on specialty “Economics and Organization of the mining industry,” qualified – Mining Engineer – economist.

In 1988 he received a second mining engineer – technologist (KarPTI, “Technology and Integrated Mechanization of underground mining of mineral deposits”).

From 1989 to 1992 he studied in graduate school KarPTI.

In 1999 he defended his doctoral dissertation at the Moscow State Mining University – Doctor of Economics.

Since 1979, he worked on the Irtysh polymetallic mining plant senior setter, in the mine Kuzembaev «Karaganda coal” he worked like mine foreman, then he was the head of mining development and capital construction, and also he worked as the deputy director for economics. Since 2008 he was appointed like General Director of LLP “Bogatyr Komir”

He has 17 scientific articles and two monographs.

He was deserved employee of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. His awards: Pavlodar region Akim’s Certificate of Merit, the State award of the Order of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Kurmet” State of the Jubilee Award Medal “20 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

2. Ordabayev Galym Zhumanovich

Ordabayev Galym Zhumanovich was born in 1955 in Semipalatinsk
In 1956 he moved to Karagandy with his parents

1962 – 1972  – studying at secondary school
1972 – 1977 – studying at Karagandy Politechnical University .
1977  –mining master  at the mine named by Kostenko
1978  –technical department engineer
1979 – head of the organization department of Oktyabrsky  Komsomol District Committee

1981-1983  – deputy secretary of  the Party Committee of the mine named by Kostenko

1983-1987  –head of the Lenin district Committee Party  department
1987-1989  – studying at Moscow  High Party school

1989-1990  –head deputy of Karagandy City Party Committee

1990  –head of Karagandy Council of Deputies department
1990-1991  –head of educational and political center of Karagandy Provincial  Party Committee

1991-1992  –Principal deputy of Karagandy commercial school
1992-1993  –head of the “Kazakhsatnimpex” foreign economic association

1993  – Deputy Chairman of “Karaganda stinkombank” bank, in 1994 bank was renamed to “Primabank”
1994  –Chairman of the board of “Primabank”
1996  –The bank was renamed to  “ValutTranzitBank”
2001  – Chairman of the Board of APF  “ValutTranzitFond”
since  2002  until now– Member of the Board, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “Tsesnabank”