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Association APP


APT Association (since 2006. Previously – Association of HA-EA) was established in 1999 at the Department of APP KSTU on the initiative of students and professors V.F.Byrki brings together graduates of the department APP specialty “Mining Electrical Engineering”, “Electrification and automation of mining operations” and “Electric drive and automation of technological complexes”, “Automation of technological processes and production”, “Mechatronics and Robotics” published in different years of the walls KSTU (Karg, KarPTI), as well as former and current employees of the department.
The purpose of the AU APP – bring together alumni and faculty to maintain and enhance the prestige of the specialties of the Department of APP and their further development, as well as professional development of appropriate expertise.
The purview of the AU APP include:
• organization and maintenance of information exchange between members of the Association in the areas of their professional activities;
• definition of the development prospects of a special department to meet the requirements of a market economy;
• organization of career guidance;
• Implementation of the practical experience of members of the Association in the educational process;
• participation of members of the Association in the organization of educational and practical training of students, employment of graduates;
• introduction of scientific and technological developments in the production of the members of the Association;
• promotion of professional achievements of its members. AU APT is the first professional association of electrical engineers profile in the Karaganda region. Since 2003. AS APP structural part of the Alumni Association of KSTU.
The executive body of the AU APT is the Council of the Association, who shall be elected by the most reputable graduates of the Department of APP and APP active members of the AU. The Association has its own organ – Bulletin of the Association of coming once a year.
Annual Meeting of the Association held in APP penultimate Saturday of June.

Bulletin 2018 2 part

Bulletin 2018 1 part

Graduates of the faculty work:

  • In the Corporation «Kazakhmys»
  • OJSC «Ispat Karmet»
  • LLP «Karaganda Energocenter»
  • JSC «Konfety Karagandy»
  • LLP «Bogatyr – Access – Komir»
  • In coal mines «Vostochny», «Molodezhny», «Kuuchekinsky», «Shubarkol»
  • in the management bodies, at the largest metallurgical enterprises of Russia





Avdeev Leonid Anatol’evich


Deputy Director on implementation of new equipment and technologies of the enterprise Ugleservis UD JSC Arcelor Mittal Temirtau

Akbaev Tuleugen Ashikbaevich

President of the JSC “Shubarkol Komir”
100004, Karaganda, str.Asfaltnaya, 18;
Тел.: +7 (7212) 44-07-44; 44-05-16;
E-mail: office@shk.kz

Armashev Andrey Vasilyevich


Chief engineer of Promelectrosystem (LPP «Promelectrosystem»)
Kazakhstan, 100009, Karaganda, st. Yerzhanova, 10/2, off. 213
Phone / fax: +7 7212 90-97-47
Phone: +7 7212 97-38-74
+7 777 136-01-16
+7 701 473-79-77
E-mail: sales@promelectrosystem.kz

Ivanov Alexey Yur’evich


Deputy head of the service set-up «Teplotranzit Karaganda»

Kopach Evgeniy Vladimirovich

Director of ASEP

str. Mustafina 6/4, office 201, Karaganda, Karaganda region, 100017, Kazakhstan
Phone/fax +7 (7212) 48-12-14
E-mail: info@asep.kz

Levin Igor’ Vital’evich

Director of service center «Progress» for the repair of household equipment (47-52-82)

Lotov Vitaliy Vladimirovich


The head of projects of LLP «VST-Service»

Mikhalchenko Alexander Vasilievich

EА-93-1, master of science degree in «The electric drive and automation of technological complexes»

Regional representative of the TSM Communication GesmbХ (Austria) in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Official representative of the Fluke in Russia and the CIS
Phone: +7-7212-507162
Mob.: +7-777-3774488

TSM Communication GesmbХ (Austria) company is the official representative and the distributor in Russia and CIS countries, a number of the largest world manufacturers of the measuring equipment and means of telecommunications, such as Fluke, Symmetricom, Aeroflex, JDSU, Agilent Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, Wireless Telecom Group, Ametek Programmable Power and others.
More detailed information about the TSM Communication company and on the represented equipment can be found on the website www.tcmcom.ru

As well as:
1. Information letter of the SCI..
2. General information about the company FLUKE.

The specialists of the company TCM will answer all your questions by phone, Fax or e-mail.

Omarov Denis Karabaevich


Technical Director of the firm «Tray-Karaganda»
Address: the Republic of Kazakhstan, 100019, str. Karaganda, Saken Seifullin Avenue, 105
Phone: +7 (7212) 41-85-38, 41-56-75
Phone/Fax: +7 (7212) 49-38-81
E-mail: trei-kar@trei-gmbh.ru

Pichugin A.V.


Director of LLP Promelectrosystem
Kazakhstan, 100009, Karaganda, ul. Yerzhanov, 10/2, of. 213
Phone/Fax: +7 7212 90-97-47
Phone: +7 7212 97-38-74
+7 777 136-01-16
+7 701 473-79-77
E-mail: sales@promelectrosystem.kz

Ryaskov D.V.


The chief engineer of the company LLP NPF «Ergonomics»
Address: 100019 Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Krivoguz st., 57/2
Phone: +7 (7212) 90-94-86, 90-94-87, 90-94-88, 90-94-89
Fax: +7 (7212) 91-17-25


Silyukov Vitaliy Viktorovich

master of science degree in
«Automation and control»

Head of the Department of designing LLP ASEP
LLP ASEP – automation of production processes, supply of electric motors of all types of PCs equipment, Kip. Delivery of Siemens, LSIS (LG), Schneider, Moeller.

Phone: +7 (7212) 48-12-14
E-mail: silukov@asep.kz
Technical support: http://forum.asep.kz

Sultanbekov Talgat Esenzholovich


Director of the LLP Energytrading

Chaika Vitaliy Andreevich


Kazakhstan, 100012, Karaganda, str. Jambila, 28
Phone/fax: +7 7212 50 11 50, 50 10 00, 56 30 04
Phone: +7 701 555 16 57
E-mail: info@kpakz.com

Chekhovskih Mikhail Alekseevich


Official representative of firm Eickhoff, Germany

Chityan Karen Gurgenovich


Head of the Department of information technologies
LLP “Karagandy-Energocenter”

The letters from our students come to us from different parts of the world. Reading them, you feel that the second was in one country or another, and then for two seconds…

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  1. genia@list.ru (Evgenya Usova – responsible for the work with graduates,
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  3. 100027, Karaganda, Mira avenue 56, KSTU, the Department of the APP (aud.131 of the main case).