Our graduates

The development of the department is closely connected with its alumni. Based on the analysis of long-term issue of system engineers and bachelors should be noted that they are proven specialists with generalists training level corresponding to modern international standards.

Since the discovery of CAD specialty of the department more than 1000 specialists were produced. Graduates of the department work by programmers, network administrators to automate parts of different companies; heads of departments in the computer companies; teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions.


Таня Кацага 

Katsaga Tatiana Yakovlevona

candidate of technical science, PhD University of Toronto, researcher of ItascoGroup company. She graduated the CAD specialty in 1994.



Liliya Kutueva (Shigapova).

Top-manager (Sapphire Director) of “Oriflame” company in Temirtau city. The first set and the first edition of the CAD department. She worked as an ACS engineer, then as a chief of the IT department of Karaganda plant ” Asbestos-cement products” from in 1993-2000 years. She graduated from the graduate school. She worked as a lecturer at the department 1991-1993, 2000-2008 years and read the next disciplines “Linguistic support”, “Modeling systems and complexes”. Author textbook for the course “Linguistic support.” She graduated the CAD specialty in 1991.

Даненова Гульмира Тулендиевна 

Danenova Gulmira Tulendievna 

is candidate of the technical science , assistant professor of ITS department of the  KSTU. Winner of the grant “The best teacher of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan”. She graduated the CAD specialty in 1993.

Олег Рейтаров  

Reitarov Oleg Victorovich

Reitarov Oleg Victorovich is Director of Computer Engineering the Joint-Stock Company «National Company «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary». He graduated the CAD specialty in 2003.


Оля Городилова

Olga Karaulnykh (Gorodilova),

Karaganda city. The owner of the business trading directories, leader of the direction in Kazakhstan (according to German suppliers), the project manager of Ktrade.kz . She graduated Karaganda State Technical University, enrolled in graduate school and after it worked as a professor of CAD department. Taught disciplines “Modeling systems and complexes”, “Information Security”. Work experience: Almaty – selling software manager of “LOGICOM”; Karaganda – employee Russian company “ASCON” engaged in the development and implementation of software on the machine-building plants.

Сатлер Ольга Николаевна 

 Sattler Olga Nicolayevna

 is a candidate of the technical science, an assistant professor of computer science department, natural sciences and teaching methods of the Belgorod State National Research universitity. She graduated the CAD specialty in 2002.


Bakirov Mady Zhetpisbaevich

 is  a candidate of the technical science, an assistant professor of  “Mechanics” department of the  KSTU. He graduated the CAD specialty in 2002.

Мутовина Наталья Викторовна  

Mutovina Natalia Victorovna  

 is a candidate of the technical science, senior lecturer of ITS department of the KSTU. She graduated the CAD specialty in 2003.

Бахарев Вячеслав 

Baharev Vyacheslav  Nikolaevich

 is project manager of LLP “Center of e-commerce”, chairman of the Board of NGO “Cyberculture”. Member of the Jury AWARD.kz in  2008 and 2010. He graduated the CAD specialty in 2006.



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